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Will the decent guys of Delhi please stand up?

Dating is a nightmare in India. Unless your family is ultra cool, chances are that you are going to face a barrage of questions about ho you spend your time with, not just from your parents, but from your extended family as well. Even the so called liberal families can be notoriously close minded when it comes to the innocence of their daughters.

Everything is fair play when the son is out late, partying with friends or going on weekend trips, but if a girl wants to do any of those things, she needs to lie at home and come up with a convincing excuse. A girl, on the other hand, must be back inside her home before the sun sets. When you live in Delhi, it is best not to argue with this point and keep all your plans for the day. There is no telling what can happen and the crime rate in the city makes sure that you have to walk with your eyes firmly to the ground even in broad daylight.

As if all this was not bad enough, when you do decide to defy your parents, your society and every well-wisher that you have, in order to explore the dating pool, you discover that there is no men worth dating at all!

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That’s right, I find Delhi lacking when it comes to eligible bachelors. It is not just me either. Almost every girl I have talked to agrees that when it comes to seeking a relationship which is more than just a fling, you will be sorely disappointed.

I pride myself on not being a shallow person. I don’t expect the guys I date to be Hollywood superstar lookalikes. As long as they are conscious of their appearance, know how to hold a conversation, and can treat you well, I would love to meet them over lunch or dinner or even a couple of drinks.

Decency is all I ask for. I simply want that the person I spend time with is decent. That he be caring and sincere. That is turning out to be too much to ask for it would seem.

I find myself in an indecent world, surrounded by shallow and fickle people who do not understand the meaning of loyalty and faithfulness. Lying, cheating and adultery have become the way of life. Casual sex is not something I condemn, but surely one is not unjustified to expect loyalty from someone they are in a serious relationship with?

I hear horror tales every other day. Guys who become too clingy are the least of it. Abuse, mental as well as physical, is a very real part of dating in Delhi. Maybe I’m just biased, but how can one city have so many problems? How is it even possible for all the jerks in the country to congregate in one place? Cheaters, beaters, drunks, gamblers, jerks and immature momma-boys; these are your options.

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You will find people willing to date, but not ready to commit to even the smallest of things. Forget about marriage and kids, they have a problem even introducing you to their friends and close ones. All they want is a plus one for the pub-hopping and a companion for their drunk make-out sessions. Be it students or the employed class, no one is willing to make an effort.

You hear of nice guys just like you hear of unicorns and griffins. Everyone talks about them, few are even confident that they exist, but when it comes to finding one you can date, there is none to be found. You have a couple of friends who are nice, but you know them too well to know that they will never be someone you can spend your life with. Maybe you will meet a nice guy through a friend some day, but then they will go ahead and marry the girl their family chose for them.

Being a girl is hard. Being a girl in Delhi is harder still. Finding one decent guy who is single is damn near impossible!

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