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Why you are no less than a god

God made us in his own image. So it is only logical to assume that human beings are capable of practically every single feat that god himself is capable of. The proof of this can be found in our everyday lives, where we fly, we travel faster than any animal on this planet, we defy death on a near daily basis, and control every aspect of this planet with absolute authority.

We are the gods of this tiny little world in the infinite universe and it is about time you realised this as well.

1. We have already started to conquer death

Human beings used to die from pneumonia. We succumbed to common infections. Today we can treat multiple forms of cancers and all manners of diseases. We have prolonged our lives, that too in a world that is getting unfit to live in. We have already created technology which lets us freeze people indefinitely without killing them, so they can survive centuries. Maybe one day we will become immortal as well.

2. We are learning to travel at speeds no one could have imagined.

Who would have ever imagined in their wildest dreams that humans would be able to go around the entire globe in under a day? It took years to make this journey and only the bravest dared go on such an adventure. Today  toddler can go around the world in a matter of days. This is just for the civilian grade aircraft. Military planes travel several times faster than sound and can probably traverse the entire globe multiple times in a single day.

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3. We can kill millions in a matter of seconds

God is said to have the power to give life, as well as the power to take it away. With fission weapons that we already know about, and scarier weapons that the world has no idea exists, humans can completely destroy planet earth and remove all traces of its existence should they choose to. A handful of world leaders decide the fate of billions, and that sounds pretty godlike to me.

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4. We can escape this planet

Space travel is incredible. Space travel is unbelievable. Space travel is also very real. Sure, we may be limited right now to places like the moon or our neighbouring planet Mars, but this will soon change as well. That is the nature of technology; it always gets better. One day we will leave for a new planet and never come back. Better still, we will learn how to live aborad a ship forever and explore the universe like the gods that we are. Remember, by this time we will already have attained immortality and will have the actual resources to explore every corner of this universe in hope of finding new life. In case we cannot find this life, we may just start a new human population somewhere, and become gods for them.

5. Become omniscient

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God is said to be omniscient. He knows everything. He knows what has happened, and what will. He knows what you are thinking as well as what you are going to think. He has all knowledge that the world ever had or will ever have.  It is as if he has access to a vast amount of information which he can call upon and access whenever he needs to. This sounds a lot like the internet to be honest. We already have an unimaginable amount information on the internet. Can we one day create an intelligence strong enough to use all the available information of the past and predict the future. Can we become all-knowing? I think we can.

6. Become all capable

We have already learned how to shape metal, dig through rocks, extract oil and other minerals from the ground and separate compounds at an atomic level. Maybe one day we will just create what we need out of thin air.


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