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Why was I tagged in the most irrelevant picture?

Tag Me, Tag Me Not

What’s it with tagging these days? I see my facebook timeline full of pictures. Strangely, most of the pictures don’t have me anywhere except on a tag which focuses on a green patch of grass or a piece of blue sky or some such irrelevant area. So, why was I tagged in this picture?

I really can’t fathom why. When you are sick of posting your own photos, tagging your own self and liking your own posts and don’t get as much attention as you desire, you start tagging any and every person whom you want to show the picture. One day, a friend of mine asked me why I had worn such large odious sunglasses on my tiny face. I was quite baffled and asked him what he was talking of. He said he was talking of that picture of mine in an old fort where I stood with an arm around some pillar and my sunglasses perched precariously on my face.

I said I just didn’t know what he was talking about. He then groaned and showed me the pic. “That’s CDE.” I told him, rolling my eyes. Come again, why would CDE tag me in a picture which had no one but CDE herself?

Why was I tagged in the most irrelevant picture (3)

I mean was I invisible somewhere or lurking behind some other pillar or a rock or a fort? Isn’t it highly illogical and maddeningly stupid to tag someone else in a picture with your face in it? It’s quite obvious that you want the person to see your pic. It’s okay, CDE could inbox me her picture if she had such a burning desire to show it to me. But to tag me? Isn’t that the height of desperation? Come to think of it, she is not even such a great buddy of mine.

Then there are some pictures where there are no faces and no people you can recognize and yet you will find yourself tagged in them. They might be photographs of some hills, valleys or flowers or perhaps a joke, a meme, a contest or a promo ad. Tagging is almost as prevalent as sending invites and requests to people. I must congratulate the ingenious group of people working for Zuckerberg and Zuckerberg himself who came up with such ingenious features that hold people in their grip like an octopus holds its prey.

The desire to tag people is so irresistible that you feel like you could tag the entire world in it. It’s like a world where you can be the one in the limelight, a world which revolves around you, which has people who want you, like you and want to talk to you. If I may say something like this, social networking sites are like a magic mirror. That selfsame magic mirror which spoke to the evil queen and answered the following question, “Mirror mirror on the wall! Who is the fairest of them all?” with “You are the best and the fairest!”

And when the mirror gave an unsatisfactory answer like, “You are fair but the fairest is Snowwhite who lives with the seven dwarfs deep in the forest”, the queen would send her troops to kill Snowwhite (in the current age, the troops would be photographs and statuses and other vanity boosting paraphernalia), failing which she would go herself to kill her stepdaughter (which in our age would be symbolized by a direct confrontation between two facebook ‘friends’ in their chatbox with shouty capitals). Such is the business of tagging and such is the mindset behind it. I have only one word for it. Ingenious!

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