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Why Valentine’s Day is Over-Hyped in India

Valentine’s day is celebrated in dozens of countries and is a day of romance and (hopefully) true love. In other countries, people go about their day in a normal fashion, with the occasional love notes and flowers turning as small but loving gestures from their partners. In India, we skip college, bunk school, and take leave from work to plan an entire day that ends up costing more than a month’s expenses.

Love has always been such an obsession for the Indian folks. Just take a look at the top 100 most popular Indian books of any year and you will see that around 80% of them are love stories of some kind. Out of the remaining 20%,  more than half are self-help books which promise to help you find true love.

As a nation, India is truly addicted to love. We believe wholeheartedly in the concept of soulmates, and that we will eventually meet the person we are meant to spend our lives with, usually someone out parents will find for us.

There are still many things about Valentine’s day in India that are plain annoying. They also go on to show why this nation has over hyped a simple celebration of love. Check out the top ways in which India has over hyped Valentine’s day:

1. Making all-day plans, even if it isn’t a holiday

Seriously people. It’s just another day. While it is nice to spend some time with the one you love on a day like this, why give up on your work ethics? Instead of planning out the work and making sure that work is not impacted, people just apply for sick leaves. It sucks to be the person who is responsible for managing employee leaves on this day.

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2. Rushing to the mall, parks, and movie theatres

Have you even been into a mall or a movie hall on Valentine’s day? There is more crown than in Kumbh Mela, and just like in Kumbh, it is quite common to see people in various stages of being undressed. Somehow people think that Valentine’s day gives them a chance to be lewd and vicarious.

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3. Running away from the political and religious goons

The only thing worse than being caught in the crowd of couples, is being a couple and getting caught by members of Shiv Sena or Bajrang Dal. If you are lucky, you will have to do a few situps, apologise to complete strangers for being in a consensual relationship with another mature adult, and then head back home. If you are unlucky, your face might make it to the news channels and print news, surrounded by moral goons and looking like you just committed a crime.

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4. Running away from the cops

If you thought the Shiv Sena goons were your only problem, you have probably never been on a date on Valentine’s day before. Which is a good thing really. Cops can be morally uptight and incredibly obtuse at times. Statements from highers ups saying “girls should wear traditional clothes instead of alluring clothes like *cough* jeans and T-shirt, in order to avoid instances of rape and molestation” are so insanely stupid that you will want to bang your head on the television screen until it breaks or you pass out. No wonder then that you will often hear of instances from friends and close ones telling how they had to bribe a cop just because they were out on a date and holding hands in public. (This is not a joke.) Yes. People really have been accosted by Indian cops for holding hands in public, so you can just forget about kissing in public.

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5. Avoiding your relatives

At this point, it seems like Valentine’s day in India is all about running away from someone or the other. While you are avoiding the cops and the goons, you must also keep an eye out for your relative. What was it that you were celebrating, again?



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