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Why sex is still not a word to be used in public


I am sure most of those who are reading this piece are doing so because of the beautiful titillating title that I have conjured up. Because let’s face it, even if I write nothing but ‘sex sex sex’ all through the article, it will still garner more reads than a well-researched write-up even if the above expected circumstance results due to plain curiosity. And the curiosity will be many degrees greater in this context than in any other. More so in the land of the Kamasutra than on any other land, I go so far as to say. The reason is not very hard to imagine. In our society, not just kids but even fully-grown adults find it difficult to pronounce this simple three-letter word. I really don’t understand why. Is the word such an effective aphrodisiac? It makes me wonder that our folks wouldn’t have any need of specialized toys or movies. They can transport themselves to their respective wonderlands with this three-letter magic word. SEX. Did it do something to you? If it did, you are one of the above mentioned.

Why sex is still not a word to be used in public (3)

There are some things in the sphere of sex which are a given in the society that we live in.

  1. No talk of birds and bees in the family
  2. Euphemisms of the highest sort applied for the most basic phenomena
  3. All the education in this domain sought from indirect sources chiefly friends, novels, websites, in fact any source that is not legal, direct or straight.

The most important fact about sex in our society is that the word sex is never used. One might use top-hole swear words and high profile cuss words but the word sex makes one’s tongue slip and voice go low and suddenly all one’s demureness and pent-up virtues manifest themselves, thus pushing the word sex out of one’s vocab.  Even if one is in the middle of the act or thinking about it afterwards, one would say ‘made love’ or ‘spent the night’ but rarely would one say ‘had sex’.

Is it so hard to say it? Is it such a bad word? S must be saying to X “ SEE I told you SEWing us together to make a SET wouldn’t work for even a SEC! E, W, T and C are the only letters that would go with me! You diminish me, X!”

Oh dear sex, how do I tell you the mute but debilitating effect you have on poor souls, who stutter at your feet and salivate at your mention.

But life is not so bad in a world where sex is taboo. There are quite a few advantages of it. For instance, everyone has his own tale to tell. His own discovery of his sexuality and his own unique experiences make one hell of a story. I doubt any other society can boast of such a rich sexual culture that we possess.

The word might be hushed, but its practical application is definitely not. It is usually couched in the form of four letter words starting with R, F or L. If you don’t know them, then well…grow up!

AIB took a sound beating when it aired its notorious Roast and got roasted itself. But one thing is for sure. Sex sells. No wonder you read through the whole piece, wondering when the good parts will ‘come’ (if you know what I mean!). Before anyone else bans me from here, let me end on a decent note. I will not talk about Stupid yet Extraordinarily Xciting things anymore. I have better things to do 😉


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