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Why marrying your best friend could be the best decision?

Marriage is a very thoughtful decision as it is pertaining to the entire life. People are now days afraid to get hitched with someone unknown because it takes a lot of patience and time to get comfortable with the strangers. And in the midst of all, if there is a true and understanding friend with whom the positive rapport has already been developed then his chances of being a probable marriage partner are more likely. Moreover, if, trust, understanding & respect, the 3 pillars of any relationship have already been developed between the couple then there is no need to check other mates for this pious relationship called ‘marriage’.

Love is round the corner…

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Best friends getting hitched is very fruitful as they already know each other’s strengths & weaknesses, but many people are not aware of this and they tend to marry someone else. But at the end, they start comparing people with their buddies resulting in a lot of trouble in their ongoing relationships.

When they tend to understand all this, it gets late and starts another series of troubles.

Find the soul mate in your best friend

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But people who realize this beautiful feeling of time they get married and it is well known that love blossoms where there is a lot of comfort ability between the partners. There are people who are happily married and satisfied with this decision as they share common things and there is nothing unknown and to explore with their friends. This feeling strengthens trust between them. This is the major reason due to which lot of close pals get together and end up tying the wedding knot. In fact, the greater level of understanding and comfort between buddies has worked out so beautifully that such marriage success rates are getting high each time.

Life is not guaranteed and so is the marriage, but it gets assured that there will never be a problem of discussions and awkward moments as the couple is known to each other and both of them know how to deal with any drastic situations. Similarly, their likes and dislikes can also be worked out well due to prior understanding which eliminates the element of shocks after marriage. Reciprocation of similar feelings of the spouse boosts the confidence in a couple of leading a loving, effortless and smooth life without unnecessary formalities. Loving a best friend is the best feeling because the people who laugh together and have the same consensus on a lot of practical & emotional grounds have a greater chance of a successful marriage.

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In this fast paced life when we do not have much time to invest in knowing a person, people generally would like to go for someone who is known for long, like a best pal. Moreover, everyone wants to grow and lead a blissful life, therefore they experiment less on understanding different types of people and their moods. They go for a better and a reliable partner, who is none other than their best friend, so that they can have best of their lives together. Some even fear that if a marriage fails then their life will be doomed so they want a reliable partner, who can be there with their thick and thin and help them in any problematic situation, who is none other than his best buddy.

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