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Why Idea’s IIN is the worst IDEA

Dear Idea!

Your IIN is the most baffling ‘idea’ I have ever come across! After all, how could you be so innovative? You took on Abhishek Bachhan in your initial advertisement project and came up with ‘ideas’ like “what an ‘idea’ sir jee!” thus using pun in the most banal manner possible. Your idea of Idea is so juxtaposed, due to overuse of hackneyed concepts and boredom-inducing ideas that it is almost novel! Your recent advertisement campaign related to IIN- Idea Internet Network, a grotesque burlesque on ‘IIT’ and ‘IIM’ is another of your oxymoronic enterprises.

What is it with double Is in our country? Every institute pegs a double I in its abbreviation somehow and tries to act cool.

Why Idea's IIN is the worst IDEA 3

Consider ‘Imperial Institute of Management’ or ‘International Institute of Technology’ or your own IIN, which shot to fame with an ad featuring a boy who wanted to study further but his father clipped his wings of aspirations by making him work at his family business i.e. a bakery store where he studied by night (inspired by Edison perhaps) and by his herculean efforts, managed to make a drone, which automated the transfer and delivery of bakery items to and from the factory and the bakery store. The story is doubtless an inspiring one. But where does IIN feature in this, pray tell? Well, where do you think the bub managed his study material from? IIN, where else? Long story short, IIN or Idea Internet Network can help you realize your innate dreams and become the person you have always dreamt of becoming.

Wow, too much hokey stuff there. I wonder how do people live through the ad? Idea-didn’t your ad makers think about the semantics of the ad before producing it? It’s not as if you are the only mobile network providing internet for the first time. Your content is not even relevant. What is the message that the confident dude exudes while holding the trophy in his hands? ‘Leave IITs and join IIN’?

Why Idea's IIN is the worst IDEA 2

I guess you deemed the Indian audience gullible enough to like anything and everything that has a touch of mawkishness and gush in it. No, actually your ad makers have come up with the most atrocious and the most preposterous ad possible. Because you know the secret of selling. That good stuff doesn’t garner attention; crappy trashy and shitty stuff does! So there we are! IIN – your most ambitious project so far!

So, what next, Idea? Will you start awarding degrees to people from your university IIN? Will you come up with the most ambitious and newfangled project so far- telecom operator company plus educational plus polytechnic institute? Soon, there will be a new advertisement saying: Learn anything via IIN, free degree, free learning, thus kicking the colleges and schools out of business. So will IIN be the new IIT then? In fact, will it be the new AIIMS or the new DU, bestowing degrees at the click of a button? Soon, companies will be full of professionals holding varying degrees of the sort of Bachelor of Culinary Spices, Bachelor of Social Network, Bachelor of Drone Construction, Bachelor of Aircraft Flying, Bachelor of Some-Weird-Sounding-Yet-Cool-Art. In fact, all such professionals will flock to only one company for employment. Yes, you guessed it right! The Idea offices will be chockfull of such graduates with degrees from its own elite institute-IIN.

What an ‘idea’ sir jee!

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