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Why girls would get 100+ likes in 10 minutes of a Facebook post?

There are two facts in this universe:

  1. A Salman Khan movie will never bomb at the Box Office.
  2. Any activity on Facebook from a girl’s profile will break the internet.

I have already given up hopes that this world will ever see a new release from the Bhai of all Khans, which has any semblance of a script or makes any kind of sense. I have also given up on hope that anything I share on Facebook will get even a tenth of the number of likes and shares that a girl will get for simply posting a sad emoji.

It does not matter whether you share a photo of yourself standing on your hands at the top of Mount Everest, it is guaranteed to get less likes than a bathroom mirror selfie from any girl in this whole wide world. All they need to do is caption it, ugh, looking so ugly! :'(

I like to think that I am not someone who you would call a sexist or even misogynist. I am courteous to everyone I interact with, irrespective of their gender, I stand up to offer my seat in the metro to the elderly, whether they are male of female, and I refrain from buying drinks at the bar without taking into account their sex.

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While all of this may not save me from the ire of feminists, as long as I know that I am not being deliberately unfair to one sex, I am pretty sure I could live with myself. At the same time, I am a huge supporter of equality. I think that is what feminism was originally about as well, though it may be hard to believe today.

So why do girls get more likes on their social network updates?

Because of us men, of course! The traditional male is an attention starved creature. He is brought up to be the centre of the universe for his family, especially his mother, and then he will later on become the centre of the universe for his wife.

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Between the time when a man gets old enough to step out of his house on his own, and by the time that he is reined back in by his parents and made to marry, suddenly he finds out a harsh truth. The truth is that he is not really the focus of anyone’s world. There are no galaxies that revolve around him, and the world certainly does not care what happens to them.

It is a jarring and deeply disturbing experience.

So how do we men react to this disheartening revelation? With complete denial!

We continue to pretend that we are still the centre of this universe. Everyone is dying to meet us. We are hot and desirable and people everywhere are ready to throw themselves at us.

So naturally we feel that if a girl posts anything on Facebook, the simple act of liking that status update will make her fall in love with us. She may have just shared how her blind dog that had saved her younger brother from a fire passed away last week, and most men will not even notice!

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We just like the status update and wait for her to message us. Sometime we feel even more confident about ourselves and want to play the field before we pick someone. So we like the status updates of every single girl on our news feed. If some poor girl who is friends with someone on our Facebook forgot to make her updates private and it shows up on our feed, we like it too!

So you see, a girl getting 100+ on every Facebook update has little to do with her.

She may be extraordinarily beautiful, or a plain Jane, as long as there are at least 100 guys added in her Facebook friend list, you can be certain that her every update will fetch 100+ likes.

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