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Why Girls like Guys with Glasses

Gone are the days when people who wore glasses were considered boring and studios as glasses make the style statement today. Glasses can make you look cool, trendy, suave and stylish, all at the same time, and people tend to take you more seriously if you do wear them. There are ample of reasons why girls are interested in guys who wear glasses, some of which are mentioned as follows:

1. There are greater chances for guys with glasses to be smart and educated.

The popular belief is that you tend to harm your eyesight if you burn the midnight oil studying as a pupil, which is why guys with glasses give you the impression of being studious and educated. Being attached with a smart and intelligent man is something every girl would want t do, which makes bespectacled guys more attractive for girls.

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2. Dating a guy who wears glasses can be a true surprise package.

Contrary to image of being a serious person, a guy with glasses can turn out to be a special surprise package for his girlfriend by being the most fun loving person on the planet. When you date such a person, what you would usually expect is a monotonous relationship, but the guy can amaze you by being great fun, both in the bed and outside.

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3. He has looks to die for.

It is not necessary that a guy who wears glasses would look dreary and boring, rather he could have looks to die for and simply win you over with his boyish charm and innocent looks. Remember, some of the sexiest celebrities in the world wear glasses!

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4. A guy with glasses respects his individuality.

When a guy prefers glasses over contact lenses, it means that he loves and respects his individuality and gives a damn to what others think or say. He cares for his comfort and has a sense of independence, which makes him stand for himself and also his loved ones. This means that he would always be there for you, which gives one more reason for girls to like guys with glasses.

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5. He really means business.

When a guy wears glasses, he tends to be very professional and possesses the capability to take the bull by its horns. He really means business and stands for what he thinks is right.

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6. He pays little attention to your shortcomings.

Another logical reason why girls find guys with glasses more attractive is that he tends to be less fastidious and hardly points out shortcomings in others, because he realizes that it’s okay if you are not perfect. Being lesser than perfect is good enough!

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7. He has his own perspective of seeing things.

Men with glasses have a wider perspective of seeing things because they understand that it is important to see things in a broader light. This attitude will make life much simpler and easier with a bespectacled guy around, which is another reason why girls prefer such partners.

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8. A guy with specs is usually a family man.

For all the girls looking for a long term relationship, a guy with specs can be the man of your dreams, because such guys are more reliable as family men. They can be taken home to meet your parents and also usually, they prove themselves to be great husbands and fathers.

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9. Such guys are shy but caring.

Guys who wear glasses are the most caring people in the world, who would value relationships as well as people in their lives. This means that there are hardly any chances that your man will hurt you in your life. He will probably be there for you through thick and thin.

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10. Dependable and Rock Solid.

Another reason why girls prefer to be in a relationship with a guy who wears glasses is his dependability. Such men are usually rock solid, standing by you in all kinds of situations and being there for you through thick and thin.

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So the next time it seems that a guy with glasses, who might seem to be an insignificant part of a crowd, is making a pass at you, try not to ignore him. This might impend a beautiful relationship waiting to blossom under his patience and caring.


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One comment

  1. OK. I wear glasses and am an average reasonably good looking guy perhaps – I can have a touch of geek although not a lot. There are reasons why girls like it if there are. For one thing eye wear with the exception of shades which sell lots to women has been considered a male accessory like head/ear sets, certain hats and watches. Since men cannot wear earrings or bracelets as easily as a woman can or make up – its a way for them to have something on although not the only one

    It is also true that there has been a stereotype of men with glasses being intelligent and good. Maybe this is a correlation or some sort although only a girl who is a shallow gold digger like some of these dumb American and even worse well brought up European and Asian women sometimes can believe as maybe they have a cultural image though they are not using their critical thinking skills. Because a guy has them on or not means nothing about lots of factors about his skills, knowledge mindset or personality in certain areas of life yet alone mentality

    Some women these days not only men anymore as this has often been associated with – increasingly use them to look smart like Sarah Palin (hers have little or no index in them I have read) although we know how knowledgeable she is with them on. What about the people on the young Turks show who use them to look smart – they admitted they did. In fact they even said if you were not clever or prepared for an interview to get them on purpose. Too many shallow commentaries on this one

    So there is an association with people who have no glasses/contacts to be dumb or unintellectual either typical pretty cheap bar girls or jock-men or if not those to be ones who are behind in tech or style fashions when in reality they could be intelligent sensible minimalists with lots of knowledge

    I am not saying not to have them they are nice looking for one thing and some good looking girls/women I find can be very appealing in glasses that suit them well though inntellectualism or geekism in attractive girls seems rarer. Also I enjoy having them myself so I well go a yes as so far as liking glasses although not those stupid oversized hipster ones the film industry or these other guys and girls tend to be going after. And for final say you cannot evaluate a mans character that way. You can put them on anyone, and plenty of people without them may be just as common sensical people

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