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Was it a mistake to subscribe to your YouTube channel?

Mails and wails! Every morning when I sit down to check my mails, apart from the important stuff (which constitutes a precious few of the really important things) there are a host of offers and winning schemes like mails blaring in shouty capitals- ‘you are the winner of the ABC contest and are entitled to receive 1000 dollars! Kindly share your bank account details…” Besides these fake mails and hoaxes, there are another set of promotional mails that make me clutch my head in frustration. One of such mails involves the famed YouTube channel promotions, that ask you to subscribe to this channel and that. If you make a mistake of searching for some certain video on YouTube, it will first give a list of videos that YouTube wants you to see or the “most watched” ones, that you have no interest in watching.

Subscription Woes

But you manage to subscribe to one or two channels somehow. Perhaps you just don’t want any more reminders on your mails or one of your good friends has asked you to ‘surely subscribe’ to the following channel as it’s their maiden effort for creating videos of do-it-yourselfers or whatever possible reason. Bottomline: you are now subscribed. YouTube is happy now and doesn’t pester you with those subscription invite emails anymore.

However, that doesn’t mean the mails have been entirely put paid to. The cycle doesn’t end here. It’s like a salesman who is never satisfied with selling you a product. He wants you to buy more and more. Well, that is what hard selling is all about. And YouTube is a champ at it. Every week, you get a new notification of some new ultra awesome video that you must MUST watch! Considering that you subscribed, you feel like you should watch one video at least and the title seems interesting enough. Soon, you are logged in and watching it. But not all channels are subscribed to out of annoyance. There are some which you have been referred to or some which you willingly subscribe to, after you have been thrilled by some of their amazing videos.

But when you start watching the videos from that channel, whether out of the hard selling by YouTube or because you want to have more of the fun and interesting experiences that you were subjected to for the first time or because some friend of yours begged you to like so-and-so video of his/hers, you realize that it was just not worth it.

The cover was prettier and more attractive than the book itself. You read the summary on the back page and assumed that the book would be good. But lo and behold! Your hopes were dashed and your enthusiasm deflated as you start moving from the first chapter to the next.

Often the first few videos are the best and the most entertaining. But with every subsequent video, you realize that the charm is fading. The rest of the matter is banal. You keep watching the next video and the next, hoping for the initial charm to reappear, for the cover to be reflected in the book but your hopes are like a fragile mirror, which splits into a thousand shards when you can’t find the quality. After all, consistency is something hard to come by. They may start off with a bang but the actual work lies in keeping the bang going.

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Aashisha Chakraborty is a computer science engineer, currently working in an IT firm. She is a freelance writer, poet and a blogger. She hopes to reach out to the masses via the written word. A trained Kathak dancer, she has tried her hand at myriad fields throughout her student years ranging from drama, dance, music, art to coding, debating, quizzing and organizing events. She is inspired by Ayn Rand and her all-time favourite books are Fountainhead and Gone With The Wind.

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  1. Actually you can almost certainly unsubscribe to these daily/weekly mails that you receive from various sites, even youtube. All you have to do is open their mail and quite in the end in a very small font you would see a link to unsubscribe from receiving further newsletters.

    Moreover subscribing to channels on Youtube doesn’t make you receive these mails. Its Youtube that is sending you those mails because you signed up on it. It tries to send the most relevant content, based on your searches.
    Don’t defame the Youtube Channels. They can’t even know the e-mails of their subscribers.

    Mostly popular and respectable companies tend always give an option to unsubscribe from receiving more newsletters.
    Whenever you sign up/subscribe to a new website they automatically put you on their newsletters mailing list. It helps some people and bothers others.
    But in the end you can ‘Unsubscribe’.

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