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Top 10 weirdest Indian movies ever!

Welcome to the world of movies that are so bad, that they’re good.

Bollywood is weird. You get an actor and an actress, both over the age of thirty, playing the role of college kids, at times even school kids. You have music composers who lift work of other artists. You have actors who cannot dance yet walk up to the dance floor and make everyone cringe.

Bollywood in general has flashy clothes, bawdy music, zero taste and no semblance of a script. The amount of paper that a waiter uses to note down your order at a restaurant can fit in 5 scripts of any Sajid Khan movies, or 12 Salman Khan movies. King Khan fares a little better and only 2 of his movies’ script would fit in.

Zero plot, shoddy acting, crude jokes, exploitation of stereotypes, these are the norms of this industry. So this list tries to find movies which fall even below this incredibly low bar. We bring to you the weirdest movies the Indian movie industry has ever come up with. They may belong to mainstream Bollywood or to the deep Indo-Bangla underground genre. If they are bad, make no sense and should only be watched if you wanted a quite place to die in after suffering a brain aneurism.

1. Makkhi

Guy dies. Reincarnates as a common housefly. Wants to take revenge. Succeeds. This was the official script of the movie Makkhi.

Top 10 weirdest Indian movies ever!_01

2. Pizza

Everyone loves pizza, so what could be better than watching a movie that was about this world famous junk food? But before you buy a DVD (or download it from torrent) know tha it is supposed to be a horror movie. About pizza. Yes.

Top 10 weirdest Indian movies ever!_02

3. Hum Tum Shabana

Tusshar Kappor, Shreyash Talpade, and Minissha Lamba star in this movie. It was touted as a comedy movie, but the only laughter that came out of the movies halls which showed this movie were from the deranged cinema hall owners who could not belive that they were mad enough to actually pay to screen this movie.

Top 10 weirdest Indian movies ever!_03

4. Ek Chhoti Se Love Story

This movie caused quite the controversy when it was first released. It touched upon the sensitive issue of a teenage boy falling in love with his older and more mature teacher. The movie then explored this delicate topic with the sensitivity of a butcher skewering a lamb.

Top 10 weirdest Indian movies ever!_04

5. Hum Paanch

Old school cool. This movie from the 1980s is about an evil man who rules over a village where he has gotten all the men of his village addicted to gamlbing and spends his days sexually exploiting the helpless women under various pretences. This one is basically a porn movie except for the fact that is has no graphic scenes and features stellar actors like Sanjeev Kumar, Shabana Azmi, Naseeruddin Shah, Amrish Puri and A K Hangal.

Top 10 weirdest Indian movies ever!_05

6. Dunno Y.. Na Jane Kyu

The biggest wtf about this movie is that it will actually have a sequel. We seriously dunno y that is happening.

Top 10 weirdest Indian movies ever!_06

7. Hawa

Taboo gets raped by a ghost. Spend the duration of the movie trying to prove this in the court. Does more to weaken the gravity of a crime like rape in this country in just 2 hours than anything ever could in centuries.

Top 10 weirdest Indian movies ever!_07

8. Karzzzz

The number of z in the movie title are accurate here. Belive us. We counted. It is the remake of an iconic Bollywood movies of the same name but with no “z”-s. While the older one featured the charismatic Rishi Kapoor, this one had to make do with Himessh Reshammiya, who on his best day as an actor would be perfect to play the role of Rajpal Yadav’s body double.

Top 10 weirdest Indian movies ever!_08

9. Gayab

Tusshar Kapoor becomes invisible. The movie instantly gets better.

Top 10 weirdest Indian movies ever!_09

10. 8*10 Tasveer

Akshay Kumar can revisit past through old photographs. He spends his time torturing the audience with his fake laugh, weird dance moves, and oddly arousing body instead.

Top 10 weirdest Indian movies ever!_10

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