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Top 10 most weird photograph poses

People love to pose when they are front of a camera. Whether the camera is held by a professional photographer working for a high end fashion magazine, or it is a polaroid camera in the hands of your dad, all of us are inclined to strike a funny pose every now and then.

Sometimes we stick our tongue out, or make a bunny face. At other times we may throw up a sign with our hands. Or, if you really want to look different, you could pose as if you had a toothache. For real.

The age of selfies is here and we have been a part of it for quite some time now. There is no denying the cultural phenomenon known as selfie, and whether you like it or not, selfies are here to stay. So what are some of the weirdest poses that people are striking?

1. The fake toothache selfie

This one blew up in 2014 and millions of women in Asia uploaded selfies where it looked like they had a cavity in their tooth. Features of model posing with the toothache style were found on some of the top fashion magazines in these countries.

Top 10 most weird photograph poses_01

2. The good-side pose

Have you seen a photo where the subject of the photograph was turned sideways, showing a unique profile instead of the full front that most people go for? The logic behind it is simple. There are features of our face and body which we like, and there are other features which we hate. The good-side pose is all about making a good impression and putting your best side forward.

Top 10 most weird photograph poses_02

3. The foot pose

This one is annoying, unless you happen to be a feet model with perfectly sculpted thighs and toned legs. Most commonly seen when someone visits a beach, people also take them when sitting on their porch, riding in the passenger seat of a spacious car or aeroplane, or even if they are lying down in their couches.

Top 10 most weird photograph poses_03

4. The “Oh look at me with my food” pose

We are all guilty of taking out the camera and snapping a quick pic when our food arrives at some fancy diner. But have you ever taken a selfie with your food? Many people have and it is one trend we hope dies out soon.

Top 10 most weird photograph poses_04

5. The bathroom mirror selfies

If you are on Facebook or Instagram, and follow anyone other than brands and old people, you must have come across at least a dozen photos where women are standing in front of the bathroom mirror, phone or camera in their hand. Sometimes the porcelain throne is visible as well. Ugh.

Top 10 most weird photograph poses_05

6. The gym rat pose

People go to the gym to work out and get healthier. They believe that a healthy body is essential for leading a happy life. Then there are the people who go to the gym to click a photo in front of the giant mirrors that every modern gym has. To be honest, if you worked out hard enough to get flat abs, you deserve to take a few pics and even share them. Just limit them to one pic for every decade of so, please. It makes us slobs look AND feel bad.

Top 10 most weird photograph poses_06

7. Drunk pose

These poses are mostly genuine, and always embarrassing. So we think that more such pictures should exist. SO go right ahead, take a picture every time you get sloshed.

Top 10 most weird photograph poses_07


8. The stupid gangster pose

There have been numerous reports of criminals photographing themselves while committing crimes. There are just as many wannabe gangsters who take photos with cash or guns in order to look tough. We just think it’s stupid.

Top 10 most weird photograph poses_08

9. The duckface

Duckface has become an iconic pose. From teenage girls to internationally renowned celebrities have taken at least a few dozen selfies in this pose.

Top 10 most weird photograph poses_09

10. The “I’m too lazy” selfie

Too lazy to step out of the bed, but still taking a pic. That’s exactly what this pose is.

Top 10 most weird photograph poses_10

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