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To be blamed or not to be blamed: Is it appropriate to blame brand ambassadors for lack of promised quality in products

Brand ambassadors or say the “mighty” celebrities have been the trademarks for everything. Product engrossments have made the celebrities tons richer than they already are. A product is sold not because of its market value or for its capabilities but is sold because a super star engrosses them. For a layman, if he is a finicky fan of let’s say Katrina Kaif, chances are that instead of buying Cinthol soap, which should be an appropriate option, he would probably buy the so called “LUX” soap.

Keeping humor aside, a deep question arises that what has made a specific product company richer or capable of generating their target audience. And the answer to this is very evident; celebrities who engross or highlight these products with their charm and star value make the latter effective and thriving.

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As said, there are always two sides of the coin. If the products are successful but fail to prove itself to the audience, then majorly the celebrities are the ones who are blamed. Another question arises here, that is it appropriate to blame the responsible celebrities for the failure of the product or is the liable company to be censured. When this was surveyed, many people stood for their favorite celebrities and some stood for logic. A recent example of this is the ongoing Maggie controversy where Madhuri Dixit has been the victim of the heat that is generated amongst the masses.

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For readers who are unaware of the mishap, here is a quick peek:

The Haridwar Food and Administration have reportedly scanned a batch of the noodles brand, and high amounts of lead and glass were found in it. After scanning a few more batches, the same results startled the food authority. Moreover, the heat of the audience came on to the celebrity who engrosses it, which is Madhuri Dixit. A rumor has been revolving that she has received a legal notice from the UP Government on which she is supposed to respond in 15 days. Although, her manger has denied the reports but the joke is on the political system. Whenever a celebrity engrosses a brand, he/she is not expected to become a scientist and dig deep in the making of the product. As normal people, they are just doing their jobs. They get paid for it and that’s the extent of the information they get as well as they want.

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Blaming a celebrity has nothing to do with the kind of the product comes out to be. If logic has to speak, they just sign the contract for their own earning interest, which is more than obvious. So, blaming a celebrity picks not sense. Picking more instances from the past, Sana Khan who is a reality TV star had also faced a similar issue for a men’s underwear that she was engrossing. When asked to comment on the whole fiasco, she framed the whole instance a complete nonsensical event.

It is disheartening, that the companies, who pay tons of money to celebrities for their advertising, aren’t capable enough to commit to the products that they have prepared. This can be said, that celebrities shouldn’t be the ones to be held responsible for this.






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