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The pros and cons of moving to a New City

There are many reasons why you may have to move to a new town or city. Maybe you are enrolled in college, or starting a new job. Maybe you need a change in life and relocating to a new place seems like a good way to do so. Or perhaps you are a traveller at heart and you now have a chance to permanently move to the city of your dreams. No matter what your reasons for moving, there are many good things as well as bad things that you will go through after moving.

Change is seldom easy and no matter how much fun you are having in the new place, there will be some obvious downsides to it as well. Take a look at what good and bad you can expect from your move.

Being the cynics that we are, let’s first check out the cons of your move:

1. You will leave all your friends behind

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The people that you have known for years will no longer be around. You will not be able to just call over a friend or drop by their place when you feel like it.

2. You will leave your family behind

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If this is your first move, you will be leaving behind your parents and siblings. No matter how much your mother promises not to cry, the moment you step on that train or flight, she is going to burst into tears. Be ready for daily calls to check how you are doing.

3. You will know nothing about the town

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Unlike your hometown, where you enjoy monthly “udhaar” privileges at all the local shops, and known exactly where to find something when all the usual shops shut down, the new town will require a lot of calls to Just Dial and frantic Google Maps searches.

Don’t get too disappointed though. The downsides to making this move may seem too difficult, but there are way more benefits as well!

1. A chance to meet new people

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Moving to a new town means that you will need to find a new social circle. This is an opportunity for you to make the kind of friends you want. If you wish to be surrounded with successful and highly motivated people, do that. If you like art and culture, find people who enjoy the finer things in life. Now is your chance to start building the life you want.

2. A chance to become independent

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You will not always be a child. The move is the best thing to happen to you. Learning how to cook your own food, how to negotiate rent agreements and find a decent maid are all important life lessons. Grow up and learn to take responsibility for your own life and actions. Now is the perfect time to learn how and there are no training wheels to fall back on!

3. A chance to become an explorer

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Not all who wander are lost. Moving to a new town is also a chance for you to find out interesting place to visit. Tired of going to the same two malls with your friends every weekend? Of sitting at that one cafe which all your friends “love”? When in a new city, you will get to visit dozens of new delis, bars and restaurants. You will have a chance to actually explore what you like, instead of being forced to accept what your friends like. Who knows, maybe you will discover that you actually love craft beer more than the bottled ones!

4. A chance to get a little wild

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No longer do you need to come home by a specific time. Nor do you have to answer to anyone if you want to make random plans. Go for a movie at midnight. Leave town for the weekend. No one is going to say no to you if you want to try something different for once in your life!

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