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The most intelligent bollywood actress – Alia Bhatt

Let’s run a little quiz by you.

Who is the Prime Minister of India?

Any kid could answer that- its NaMo.

Who is the President of India?

Prithvi Raj Chavan!

That is the precise answer that the bubbly beautiful Alia Bhatt gave to the world at large in one of the most discussed and scrutinized show Koffee with Karan.
Are you such a staunch Marathi, Alia that you see Maharashtra all over the country; so much so that you mistook the Maha CM as the President of the country? I hope you know the difference between the duties of the President and the Chief Minister. Let me not take you to Political Science class although you clearly need one. Perhaps you were too eager to win the coveted coffee hamper or it was a slip of the tongue, as you promptly clarified in the tweets that followed. But the milk had been spilt Alia! You are now hailed as the most intelligent woman in the history of Bollywood, leaving behind Anushka Sharma and Nargis Fakhri who performed similar gaffes.

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Just like you find a man called Amar on a funeral pyre, a woman called Shanti raising a ruckus, similarly who would have thought that the daughter of the politically active and opinionated Mahesh Bhatt and the girl who starred in Two States as an IIM-A student was far from a straight A girl and in fact was struggling with the GK of a class 4 kid. However, one must admire her spirit, her conviction and self-belief that led her to the jinxed show again, this time with Parineeti Chopra. When asked the full form of BJP, Parineeti quickly recited Bhartiya Janata Party while Alia blankly looked on. Seems as if Ms Bhatt is happy and cosy in her bubble of oblivion where Prithviraj Chavan presides over Rajya Sabha and BJP doesn’t exist. She justifies the sarcastic phrase that people often use when they are done telling a story and someone asks a stupid question. It goes as follows- I narrated the entire epic (Ramayan) and you are asking me whose wife was Ram? Well, Alia, you spent your life living in this country. Knowing the names of the leaders is the least you could do for it.

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After the gossip and the giggles that resulted from this infamy, AIB decided to coach Alia. The views on the video of Alia’s GK coaching went right through the roof. I think all the parents of school kids should watch it. This is one fun and awesome way to teach GK. However, Alia lived up to her name in the final seconds of the video when she remarked that now she could probably run for PM, she was so well-versed with the facts and figures. “India’s first female PM!” she shouted in delight. Yes, that was the final straw and she shot to further fame as the Indian blonde.

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Let me test your knowledge again.

Who is famously known as the human computer?

Shakuntala Devi

Who is the most intelligent actress in Bollywood today?

Yes yes, that is your own Indian blonde, the beauty with brains, Alia Bhatt. Guess why? Because without any pro bono work, without any philanthropy or scandal or much skin show (a la Sunny Leone), she has earned her fame on her own strength, even if it was on the strength of her brain power or the lack of it, so to speak. She is the new brain behind her fame, she has multitudinous movie scripts in her kitty, abundant views on her videos and ads. What more does she need? She has made her mark.

She will go down in the annals of Bollywood history as the quintessential Indian blonde.

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