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Should I stop trying something new just because ‘Log Kya Kahenge’?

Kuchh toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna…

How aptly these lines of an old Bollywood song describe the status quo of the Indian society. India might not outdo other countries in the fields of science and technology but there is a field where I feel Indians are really superior. And I am not talking of cricket. I am talking of a concept which has its roots in the Make in India concept. I am talking about the gossip mills of the country, which continually dish out new and unheard-of rumours and stories on a daily basis. This happens on all levels-with the goss about celebrities, socialites, entrepreneurs etc. rotating on a larger national scale and the local tittle-tattle among the people in a localized society doing the rounds to a smaller albeit equally enthusiastic extent.

Log Kya Kahenge (2)

Due to such rumour mongers and the fear of their whip-styled tongues, mothers scold their kids when the latter score less marks than expected by saying, “This is what you scored?? Only this much? What will people say? Log kya kahenge?” And the kids hang their heads in shame, cursing the unknown yet fearsome ‘log’ and wondering what they will ‘kahenge’.

Cut to adolescence and you will find teenagers worrying about which outfits to don and what people to go out with, again their minds revolving around the question ‘log kya kahenge’. Soon, you are taking the final exam of your school life, your nerves on edge, wondering how to make sure that you pass and pass with flying colors so that ‘log kuchh na kahein’. Consider someone throwing a party and wracking their brains over whether to invite so-and-so people to their party, where to hold the get-together and what kind of food items to include and so on and so forth. After all, log kya kahenge? You are at an age at which your mom got married and your family is now pestering you to start looking for guys via matrimonial sites or through relatives. There should not be much delay and what if something goes wrong? After all, log

Log Kya Kahenge (4)

You think about switching your career, going for a second marriage or a divorce, going on a rock climbing expedition maybe. You are probably a doctor but you had an epiphany and now you want to work for an NGO but all you have in mind is not whether you will be happy following your dreams and desires but the fact that log

Log Kya Kahenge (3)

I was walking home one night after a shopping spree with friends. Since we had started out late, we returned home later than the time intended. It was kind of dark and the roads were kind of empty, kinda devoid of too many people. When I bade my friends goodbye and finally entered home, my mother was standing with hands on her hips. “What do you mean by this? Is this the time to get home?” I began my explanation. But before I could say much, she cut in with that hackneyed old world phrase that had started to grate on my nerves by now, “Log kya kahenge?” I could take it no longer. I blurted out, “What do you mean log kya kahenge? You are not worried about my safety or my happiness, all you are worried about is what the goddamned people will say?

I want to know who these ‘log’ are. And I want to hear what they keep saying. And I want to tell them that do you know ‘main kya kahungi?’ That I don’t care woh kya kahenge. Let them say what they will. Only the best ones are talked about.

Kuchh toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna…

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