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Picture Perfect-How to Plan a Memorable Pre-wedding Shoot

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important occasions in one’s lifetime, when both the bride and the groom get the opportunity to hog the limelight. They are no less than the hero and heroine of the picture perfect wedding photo shoot. In fact, the latest trend which has become popular among young and romantic Indian couples is that of pre-wedding shoot. These photo shoots make amazing memories of your courtship period which you can relive again and again as you go through them years later. A pre wedding shoot is a photographer’s delight, as it has all the drama, emotion and romance in the world and gives them the chance to let their creative juices flow. In fact, a smart photographer would treat the photo shoot more like a story, with lead characters and props, to make a perfect ensemble.

Here are some tips to plan a memorable pre-wedding shoots:

1. Choose the Perfect Locations

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If you are looking to create a perfect pre wedding photo shoot, you need to pick just the right locations for the shoot. A variety of places can be picked up, which hold special meaning for you and your partner and also add versatility and spice to the photo shoot. Discuss the locations with your partner as well as your photographers to ensure that the end result turns out to be incredible!

2. Plan well in advance

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Besides deciding the locations for your pre wedding photo shoot, you must plan other aspects like the day of the shoot, as it should not clash with any of the wedding ceremonies. This could make you look tired and dull in the pictures and spoil the excitement of both, the shoot and the ceremony. Also, make sure that you talk to friends and family members whom you want to be a part of the shoot, so that they are free on the big day. Similarly, you can think of some cool props which can be included in the shoot to make it unique.

3. Choose an experienced photographer

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A professional and experienced photographer can create a perfect portfolio for you. He will not only click great photographs for you, but also give you some cool ideas about the locations and photographic poses.

4. Decide your look beforehand

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Another helpful tip to get a memorable pre wedding shoot is to decide yours and your partner’s look beforehand. Each picture should feature both of you in a different look, depending upon the theme and relevance of it.

5. Be Natural

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It is very important to be natural with your photographic poses as there is no point in faking your feelings and emotions. In fact, your pre wedding pics should mirror your love and passion for each other.

6. Grab a good night’s sleep before the d-day

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Make sure that you and your partner, are relaxed and have had a good night’s sleep before the day of your pre wedding shoot. Probably, the celebrations are full on, but boozing on the night before may make you bleary eyed and spoil the photos for good.

7. Ditch the Cliché

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Rather than going for conventional ideas or following a friend for your pre wedding shoot, look for some unique ideas, straight from the heart. It is better to ditch the cliché and be the inspiration for others, rather than being a copy cat and settling for a below par, old fashioned photo album.

With these special tips, you are poised for a glamorous photo shoot before your wedding. And make sure to get one such picture in your pre wedding collection, which you can flaunt at your wedding venue!




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