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No more Candy Crush requests please

I have to admit I am a regular Facebook frequenter. I may not stay online all the time or check in every few minutes for updates (I rid myself of the habit some time ago!) but I do log in at least once a day. And when I do, whether there is any notification or not, whether there is any update or not, there is definitely a post or a request from some person, inviting me to play Candy Crush.

There are eras and ages, there are times and phases. Once upon a time, I used to be flooded with requests from friends inviting me to play Farmville or was inundated with updates on my newsfeed of friends having reared a new animal in their village or having acquired a new piece of land –all on the virtual world of, yes, Farmville. That era has, thankfully, ended. However, to my dismay, it has concluded only to give rise to an era of candy crush obsessed people who fail to understand the simple logic that some people might not be even remotely interested in playing candy crush.

Although they might want to play Counterstrike so as to virtually strike the friend dead, who send them the maddening CC requests every single day without fail.

No more Candy Crush requests please (1)

I was talking to my friend the other day when my phone buzzed and I had to take the call. I excused myself and when I came back, I found her deeply engrossed in her phone. I waited for her to finish texting or whatever she was doing so we could resume our conversation. A little while later, she looked up at me apologetically and said, “just one more please!” I peered into her screen and there! The conversation disruptor, the relationship breaker- Candy Crush was hard at work, trying to create distance between us.

It was my birthday and I knew my wall would be stacked with innumerable wishes from well-wishers as well as indifferent wishers on this day. Hence, I decided to finally open my account and begin the long task of replying to each and every wish posted by my oh-so-thoughtful facebook friends on my poor fb wall.

No more Candy Crush requests please (3)

Guess what my first notification was? It might seem unbelievable but I guess I should have expected it from fb, being the way it is, but my first notification was- a Candy Crush request. Really? Friend ABC, you want me to spend my birthday playing Candy Crush? How lame could that be? My irritation up many notches and without replying to any wish, I put up a status. It was not a collective thank you to everyone or a note about how I spent my special day. It was a caveat that I issued to one and all.

“Hear hear! If anyone, I repeat anyone, young or old, wealthy or poor, dumb or intel, pretty or ugly, friend or foe, if anyone dared send me another Candy Crush request, I swear on the name of my Farmville animals that I will crush your candies and eat them all.”

No more Candy Crush requests please (4)

After I pressed ‘post’, a new notification popped up, a reddish 1 showing on the notification icon. I clicked on it and the calm that my recently posted status had brought over me transmuted into inexpressible and irrepressible anger. Someone had just sent me a Candy Crush request.

It was then that I realized jab tak suraj chand rahega, tab tak Candy Crush ka naam rahega!

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