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Love wins yet again- With the USA legalizing same sex marriages, the big news awaits India

The warbles of ‘Love has won’ reechoed all over among the hundreds assembled outside the U.S Capitol and across the streets. The conviviality that filled the aura is beyond comparison. The jubilation scenes weren’t any less than as in a major carnival. People cheering, shedding tears out of happiness, hugging and kissing each other, waving rainbow flags, and the White House shone with rainbow lights was something blissful. The Supreme Court legalizing same sex marriages to the 14 remaining states making it legal across the entirety of the U.S is a remarkable tale that’d be adorned in the pages of history.

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The Supreme Court’s decision determining the right to marriage equality is protected as a law and acknowledged as ‘Victory of Love’. As per the Justice Anthony Kennedy,

“People are allowed to seek liberty by marrying someone of same sex and having their marriages deemed lawful on the same terms as marriages between persons of opposite sex.”

The laws forbidding same sex couples from marriage right blemishes the very basis of liberty and afflicts humanity.  The right to marry is fundamental. Marrying with the opposite sex and having biological children must not be a precondition to badge it as an infallible marriage.

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 Marriage is a deep-seated unison of two people endured with love. The union is just divine. And it depends on no law of whether these two people want to form the union with the same sex or the opposite sex but the people themselves. “Love is Love.’’ A human is part of the whole which we refer to as universe. He experiences himself, his thoughts and his feelings out of his own consciousness. Nobody and nothing is equipped to create that consciousness but the human himself. It’s his life and he has a fundamental right to live it as per his own choices.

The denotation of marriage only between a man and woman is a rotten rule of conjugality. The marriage occurs between a spouse and a spouse. To choose the genders of each other is sorely the spouses’ choices and they mustn’t be governed by any hindering laws.

The U.S became the 21st country to legalize same-sex marriages. While the USA is enjoying and celebrating the decision, there is rapid rage of debates being held in the other nations regarding the issue. Some countries remain substantially conservative and devout and have sealed their great mind palaces to think upon and take positive actions in the context.

In India, we’ve a number of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuals, and Transgender) members and supporters who live in a hope of the abrogation of Section 377 which is a jolt to their rights.

According to the statistics, there are close to 2.5 million gays reported in India. And, these figures are only based on those people who self declared themselves as gays. So, we could better imagine the gay population in the country. So, basically our laws and our corroded rules are abducting the right to life from way more than 2.5 million citizens of the country.

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There is a major role of religion in shaping the opinions of most of the people of our country. They blindly believe and pursue the so-called traditions. Many of the holy books of various religions recognize homosexuality as unnatural. One of the Hindu sacred texts states that “What seems unnatural is unnatural.”  They tend to preserve the man-woman pattern of marriage and sex, and declare the other kinds as ‘unnatural’.

There is a need to discern that marriage occurs between individuals and not genitals. It is the individuals’ choice which gender they choose to consummate their physical relationship with and nobody else got to have a say in this.

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 The conventional vision of heterosexual marriages and considering the LGBTs as unnatural is a quiver to the nation and its people. Humiliating, discriminating and making them feel inferior are against humanity and just fallacious. Or I’ve a better word, it’s Shameful! For the nation, it’s people, the society, to everybody.

They constitute a major part of our country’s populace and like everybody else; they too have a right to freedom to live as per their own choices. It’s crucial to legalize same-sex marriages in India so that the gays could be legally permitted to possess all those rights which opposite sex married couples luxuriate and it’s necessary for their convenient survival in the country. This would help in eliminating illegitimate and overanxious secret relationships. It’d also have a hand in boosting their self-esteem and extirpate the fear of suppressing their identities before the society. 

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More importantly, it’s the people who still see down the LGBTs and avert them, need to have a complete changed frame of mind. It is to be understood that they’re no unnatural. They’re as natural as others. It’s just they choose to love and spend their lives with the person of same-sex. This sounds different to rest because this is not very much common to them and they haven’t seen it with the different perspectives. They’re chained to their orthodox mindsets which need to be altered extensively.

There’ve been number of gay pride parades and thousands of people have turned out in these parades nationwide. There are many who support them and wish for the abrogation of Section 377. The United Nations has also urged India to decriminalize homosexuality.

It’s time that the judiciary looks into the matter briskly with unconventional and diverging facts. For the sake of love and humanity, Section 377 needs to repealed in the hope of LGBT breathing the fresh air of freedom and to lead a composed lifestyle.

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The same-sex marriage in India might be a long way away but I’m sure the road won’t be out of sight. There needs a long journey to be taken and it’s going to be a promising one. And one day, we too will be seeing a morning when we’d be amongst the countries to have legalized same-sex marriages. And soon, same-sex marriages would only be a term in the history. In the years to come, it’d be just ‘marriages’. We wish to witness the victory of love on our birth nation soon.




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