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If you haven’t done these things your childhood was boring

Childhood is the most glorious period of one’s life, which one hates when going through it but misses it like hell after it has passed. Once grown up, it seems like a phase when small things were big and one was punished but never held responsible for the biggest of mistakes. There were excuses for all kinds of pranks and the biggest punishment meted out for them was being confined to a dark room for just a few hours and then things got back to normal. After the session was over, one had the license to get back to the pranks again and those who didn’t do so were considered boring.

Here are some things which make one’s childhood boring, in case one hasn’t done them in those wonder years:

1. Eating the 2 minute noodles in the middle of the night

If you havent done these things (1)

How can we ever forget the magic of cooking and eating the 2 minute noodles in the middle of the night, while studying for exams or watching a late night cricket match.

2. Playing carom with cousins and the neighborhood kids on the lazy summer afternoons

If you havent done these things (2)

If you have not spent the afternoons of your summer holidays playing carom or ludo with your cousins and neighborhood friends, then you have definitely missed out on something during your childhood days!

3. Making paper boats and racing them in monsoons

If you havent done these things (3)

During our childhood, we had never heard of anything called dengue and could roam outdoors freely during monsoons, without fearing the notorious infected mosquitoes. This is why making paper boats and racing them was considered the favorite monsoon pastime and the ones who haven’t done so must have had a boring childhood.

4. Eating a Marie biscuit dipped in tea without having it break and fall into the cup

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This was a favorite evening activity during the chilled winters and guiding the biscuit successfully into your mouth, without breaking it was quite a big feat.

5. Feigning stomach ache to eat Hajmola

If you havent done these things (5)

Another in thing during our childhood was the delicious digestive pill called Hajmola and we could compete with siblings about the number of pills to be eaten, if we could lay hands on a bottle of it. Missing this in your childhood is a sure pointer to the fact that it was a boring one.

6. Playing with water balloons on Holi

If you havent done these things (6)

Holi was the favorite festival of every Indian child of the eighties and nineties. The bright red gulal, water filled balloons and the classic piston pichkari were the things which made Holi an occasion to be awaited every year. And this was definitely the time to avenge the last year’s fight with the rival group of the colony, but in the end, all of us ended up as one!

7. Birthday celebrations at school

If you havent done these things (7)

Birthday was the most awaited day every year as kids loved to wear colored dress at school on this day and distribution of sweets was what defined b’day celebrations at school. If you haven’t done so, you have missed a part of childhood for sure.

8. Running out to play during power cuts

If you havent done these things (8)

Despite the absence of generators and inverters in those days, we absolutely loved power cuts. They seemed like a time to rejoice as it meant excuse from home work and play time outdoors, till the electricity was back and the lights were on. Children who sat home had a boring childhood.

9. Participation in school fancy dress event

If you havent done these things (9)

Had you not participated in the school fancy dress event, it would have made a part of your childhood incomplete as this was the desi Halloween party of our times.

10. Playing “FLAMES”

If you havent done these things (10)

This was the fun way to decide what kind of relationship you would have with your crush, and as a child, you believed it to be true.

All these amazing memories from our childhood reinforce the fact that it would have been a fun filled one and the ones who have missed out on these things must have had a really boring one.

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