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How far will one go in a relationship to have sex ?

It makes the world go round. It makes one pant and heave. It makes one go to unbelievable lengths to acquire it. And its not money. I don’t think there is anyone above the age of six who wouldn’t know the word. Maybe younger ones know too! Yes, I am talking about sex.

A relationship is a beam balance, one pan of which holds love and the other hotter one holds whaddyacallit. How far can one go to ensure a daily dose of sexual medicine? The days of yore when letters and mushy gushy phone calls sustained a relationship are past. Long distance relationships crumble as soon the distance decreases to less than a metre between two lovers.

The question is how much can you tolerate, how much can you take for that essential part of every relationship? The picture of Barney Stinson from the popular TV series ‘How I met your mother’ looms large in my mind’s eye. He would go to any lengths to just have a woman in bed every night; he would literally do anything to get laid. He would rate women on a scale of 1 to 10 and have elaborate philosophies and theorems about sex. Take his theorem of the hotness and craziness quotient. It went something like the angle between the hotness and the craziness variable should be a straight line. The hotter the girl, the more one can endure her crazy features. Good God! I wonder if such theorems work in real life. They probably do.

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A man would shower his girlfriend with precious gifts just to get her to bed. Oops! I went too fast. Men are more meticulous. They present a girl with gifts, make her happy, get her to want to make love and then have sex. Mission accomplished!

I won’t be too much of a feminist. Women too like to get laid. They would seduce a man with their attractive décolletage, their 36-24-36 ratio and oodles of makeup just to make him fall irrevocably in love with her. How long that love lasts one can’t say, but I am quite sure it lasts as long as the sex does.

It would be foolish to say that sex is not an important part of a relationship because it simply is. It is a form of physical contact that every couple craves and it brings them closer. It enhances their understanding of each other and opens them up to many possibilities. But how many of the relationships last only on the basis of this famed three-letter word? What is that essential balance, that tipping point that makes one say, ‘that’s it! I am done!’ ? Is it sex? Or is sex the glue that holds a couple together? Would they break apart if they were originally incompatible and came together only because of sex? Looks like sex, and not love, bring people closer!

On a more serious note, people can make or break relations, change their attitudes and endure immense hardships just to, well, get laid. But sex is not as bad a word as it’s made out to be. It has the underpinnings of love. It does bring people together and helps them brook each other’s habits and tendencies. Bad sex makes people bad tempered and vexed. On the contrary, a healthy sex life is the source to a lot of happiness and peace in one’s life. The question still remains to what length are you willing to go to ensure a healthy sex life? Well that’s simple! To the point that makes you happy!


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