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How does it feel, When your friends upload party pictures while you’re busy working?

The Party Poopers/Too much of PDE

I have a bad habit which refuses to leave my system just like my negative thoughts and stressful emotions. Perhaps the latter are a result of the former! It’s that I just haven’t learnt to log out of my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (from now on, collectively known as FTI Inc.) accounts. It’s like those guys are paying me to stay logged in. So, when I am working on something important and suddenly there is a sound note from the computer, announcing a notification, my attention is easily diverted and I abandon everything just to check what all the fuss is about. Usually, it’s another request, an invite or a like. However, at many points of time, it’s my friends uploading their pictures and selfies taken while enjoying at a grand get-together or a party. My stomach churns and my mood plunges drastically when I see myself cooped up in a four walled room, typing and working away while my compeers enjoy their freedom and their day with no regard to my feelings.

On such occasions, I feel like commenting on their photos stuff like, “Fine, you are having a great time. Do you need to show it to the whole wide world?” or something like, “Enough of the show-off, wannabes! Grow up!”

Too Much of PDA (3)

Is it so important to put up every single incident, every moment spent at every damn place up on FTI Inc? Either via statuses, pictures or check-ins, the vacationers or the party goers manage to document their social life in vivid detail on their profile page, whether anybody is even remotely interested in knowing about them or not. Not to mention the distractions caused by the popping up of pouts or selfies in one’s newsfeed, that take up my precious work time because it makes me feel sad and left out.

Sometimes I feel that such pictures are only a means to get people to feel jealous. I know that for a fact actually. Since after watching such a PDE (public display of enthusiasm) I am inspired or compelled or moved to share every fun moment of mine whenever I get the chance. It’s like my chance to get back at them. Nowadays, the focus is not much on experiencing novel things or visiting unknown places but in documenting those places and things and putting them up on FTI Inc. for everyone to see. Well, everyone has bragging rights, you see!

Too Much of PDA (1)

Now it is quite unfair of me to expect everybody to pander to my wishes and sensibilities. Hence, I can’t expect FTI Inc. to reflect my mood as I work or change its outlook when I am happy. Social networking sites are like human emoting machines; they are a reflection of a world that is full of people wanting to project and show and talk and express rather than absorb or see or listen or observe. I remember how I hated clicking pictures because I felt it was a waste of time because it cut down on one’s crucial visiting time. But come social networking and I am all for clicking a million pictures, filling my hard drives and my memory card, only to be able to upload pics so I can show my friends how much I enjoyed. Just the way they were showing off when I was hard at work. At that point of time, I just felt like saying,“ It’s not that big a deal dude! Keep calm and let me work!”

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