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First “The Dress”, now “The Shoe”. What’s the next nonsensical thing trending?

The Internet today has been buzzing all over the freakishly insane and irrational things that do completely live up to the standards of imprudence. The latest trend of idiocy that fulfills the criteria of foolhardiness is the #theshoe. A person, who is logged in Facebook, goes across his News Feed and suddenly a mindless game of colors grabs his/her attention, which is purely intended to waste time at that particular moment and later kills the person with the feeling that he/she actually put in your time for this. We all have been at that place and many of us who are being blessed with minds (at least) some of us truly are, have been cursing ourselves with this feeling that we actually, actually gave our valuable time in the things that justify every character of the word idiocy. Well what have been the truth of the hour is that we all have exceptionally and willfully spoiled or say ruined our every second of the minute that we have given on this particular disaster picture.

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Other thing that comes to our mind is that, how actually a person can chose to kill his/her (in this case definitely her or maybe, you never know) have thought to while away the time. The pure intention of murdering other people’s time is truly unforgivable and an act of public disaster. The world was already not done with #thedress fiasco and yet another stupidity marvel has made its debut in the sane lives of people.

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For readers who are unaware of #thedress (only a few lucky ones would be left), a window hit person actually downloaded some annoying picture of the dress from the web or maybe a Thailand platinum mall’s sponsored dress and in my reference clicked the picture in two different lights and overlapped it and floated as a mark of highly intellectual question that would verify the intellect level of the person.

As dumb as it sounds, yet another #theshoe has surfaced on the Internet with a view to solve the greatest mystery of mankind that would unleash the God knows what. The shoe is intended to find an answer to the mystery of selecting the best color that matches the dumb shoe. I am actually waiting what the president of United States would have a say in this. As it is becoming a global issue that requires more attention than the politics, war or the favorite global warming.

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The only question that bumps the head of rational people is that what has got into the people of the world, or say youth that at one place should be focusing on their career choices and not their nail color choices. I would consider that the girl or a boy in worst case scenario who has uploaded the picture of the color mystery that what matches the shoe best, has done her/his bit of idiocy but what is the world doing in solving the optical illusion maze. Let’s face it people, the optical illusion mind game is out of the reach of ours, and time shouldn’t be wasted in helping the freakishly stupid person to select the ideal color that matches his/her freaking shoe. For people who are interested in selecting the color can trouble Google with #theshoe.



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