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Don’t serve stupidity in the name of pranks

Ever got a phone call with the person on the other end claiming to be some salesman or some news agent who has called to inform you of your magnificent lottery win? Well prank calls are passe. Welcome to the age of pranks and roasting! Just the other day, my dad switched off the radio in his car and ordered me to get a pendrive for him, wherein he could load the songs he liked and listen to them at leisure. Because apparently the radio channels today broadcast everything except songs. And they go for the so-called ultimate hit shows- no prizes for guessing – the Bakra shows. Someone will dial a call to some unsuspecting caller and talk in funny tones, claiming ventriloquism capabilities. The person on the other end would behave as if they are completely unaware and start believing anything and everything they are told. Here is a sample prank call.


“Mr. Sahni speaking?” :in that mock irritating voice which is so irritating that it yells about being fake: “Yes?” :A hardcore Punjabi voice:

“We are calling from ABC Nursing Home. Congratulations! You are now the father of a beautiful baby boy! Many many congrats!!!”

“What??!!” :the man sputters:

“You must be overwhelmed with happiness and overflowing with joy. We want sweets sir.”

“What the hell are you talking about?? I have no wife and I am not expecting any child!”

“It’s okay sir we won’t divulge your secret to anyone, just that you ought to treat us at least with a box of sweets.”

And the conversation would drone on. I would keep listening, wondering when to laugh, at which point I was supposed to titter. Not a smile breaks out, let alone a guffaw. I mean what brand of an idiot doesn’t have a wife and yet starts believing in his kid? I mean you need to go through a certain procedure in order to produce a child, in fact every child knows of the procedure, it’s the most searched three letter word on the internet. So, if the man did not engage in any such performance and claims to be a bachelor, how on earth can he be deceived by this most childish of pranks, which won’t even work on a kid? It is quite obvious that the bakra is not the one on the phone but the one listening on the radio. The same thing applies to TV shows making a fool of people, pranks on youtube garnering thousands of likes as if the funniest things are happening in them.

Either the IQ of the watchers have gone down, (owing to perhaps watching such videos!) or there are too many people on earth with low IQs who find the ultra stupid pranks uber cool. A prank is the easiest to stage I guess. All you have to do is to get a camera. Then do whatever comes to your head. Every tom, dick and harry can play a prank. Push somebody from behind, come out with flowers out of nowhere and there! You have a prank ready to be posted on the social networking websites. It’s not just easy to make people believe that you are creating good stuff, in fact it is easy enough to fool yourself into believing that a prank is laugh-worthy.

Probably the creators of such videos and shows themselves don’t realize how much time they waste on such pursuits. The result? A glut of corny videos and banal shows turning your smile into a grimace of vexation. Happy Pranking guys and thanks for taking the fun out of funny!

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Aashisha Chakraborty is a computer science engineer, currently working in an IT firm. She is a freelance writer, poet and a blogger. She hopes to reach out to the masses via the written word. A trained Kathak dancer, she has tried her hand at myriad fields throughout her student years ranging from drama, dance, music, art to coding, debating, quizzing and organizing events. She is inspired by Ayn Rand and her all-time favourite books are Fountainhead and Gone With The Wind.

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