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Done can be undone with Gmail’s life saving “UNDO” feature

Google has amazed it’s users with yet another invention or call it a new add on feature that it launched recently i.e. the “UNDO”. It’s not an ignorant tweak that we would come and make an annoying presence in the market but this is here to stay. The new “UNDO” feature marks the territory of maybe and might be. The battle we all pretty much have inside our hearts and brains. The “should do” or the “shouldn’t do” is a very annoying situation and we all have faced severe consequences of this, both in positive sense and negative sense.

Gmail has finally acknowledged the prayers of people who are prone to the stage of confusion and often end up sending the wrong email or are in the state of confusion i.e. the battle of maybe or might not be.

What actually the “UNDO” feature does?

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The decade of discussion by Gmail and people writing in the public forums that the “undo send” can be a holy feature added by Gmail has landed in the Gmail inbox of people. Just to define the feature for just obligatory purposes, the “Undo send” actually undoes the sending of the mail that you have recently drafted or have sent “accidentally”. We all know what this “accidentally” means.

The feature works as advertised by the mighty Google. In a latest press conference, Google made it official that the “Undo send” feature will debut in the popular and the most widely used mailbox i.e. Gmail.

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The “Undo send” feature enables the user to think about his/her choice of sending the email and if they are dicey and chose to edit the email for any reason, then they can hit the undo send link. But this feature is only active when in a very small tenure of 5 and 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, users cannot alter the email and make the necessary changes. This effort is apparently a brilliant feature created by Google, as it gives time to the users to think upon their email sending options. The dreaded faux pas of any accidental “reply all” can be thought upon with his feature debuting in the mailbox of users.

What makes this feature a winner in every way and Gmail a kind of mailboxes now?


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The “undo send “ feature might have debuted with Gmail, but other email service providers will now be gripped and in a state of hustle bustle, as many users will be inclined more towards signing up with Gmail. The feature will surely make Gmail a true market winner and this will help it climb a position unsurpassed by any other service providers. Not that the Gmail is in a state of fighting for a position in the industry. Google is a revolutionary company and had surprised and amazed users with its wide array of services. Android is already a winner and have given a really tough time to windows phone service providers like Nokia and Microsoft. Talking about the outlook mailbox, which mostly professionals use, we are afraid that there is no such confirmation of the “undo send” feature aligned for them. The “undo send” feature is only available for the pure Gmail mailbox. So enjoy the “undo send” with Gmail!



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