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Can we not talk about politics for a moment please ?

A quick question for you. What are the first 10 words that come to your mind? Don’t give much thought to it. Just blurt out whatever comes to mind. You will probably come up with the names of your loved ones or the ones you hate or perhaps some other personal incident. Apart from your personal life, your mind might be focused on moolah and various ways of acquiring it. Well, whose mind doesn’t?

But what else crowds your mind’s sacred space? Perhaps Modi’s 10 lakh pinstriped suit or Kejriwal’s muffler or the recent split in AAP? I mean, is that all our world is confined to? No thoughts of science or spirituality. No thoughts of innovation or ideas. Either its self or politics. Without our knowing, politics has infiltrated every nook and cranny of our brain. In fact every morning, I wake up to beeps from my phone. No, it’s not my lover or my friends. It’s the darn news apps that I had the imbecility to download.

From north to south, east to west, be it the tussle among the big parties in the Indian subcontinent or the battles between the Conservatives and the Liberals in Europe, politics reigns supreme. I think politics is the opposite of change. It is undeniably constant. Robert Frost’s poem fits quite well in here: (although he referred to the flowing river) Men may come and men may go but I go on forever.

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No Politics Please

But are we going to remain stuck in this quagmire of politics forever? Is that all we can think of? I mean, do we really need to magnify every second of every day in a politician’s life and broadcast it all over the media? Shouldn’t politics be like every other job? Engineers work day in and day out, doctors spend their days and nights treating and retreating patients, media persons get flustered the entire day trying to collect bits and bytes of the various goings-on but do they hog the spotlight as much as the politicians? Couldn’t people just do their jobs like normal people? The leaders of the political parties term themselves as servants of the people. Then why are they treated like emperors? We need good effective governance right? Then deliver it. What’s the brouhaha about?

I wonder if someone is really mad about getting their fifteen minutes of fame, all they need to do is enter politics. Deliver a speech especially a communally spiced and hate-laced one and the media will flock to you, abandoning anything that might be even marginally important, like perhaps the demise of a great social worker or a new scientific milestone.

Can we not talk about politics for a moment please? The world has so many more things to talk about, so many ideas, adventures and secrets, most of them less stressful and more pleasurable. But we choose the most banal of topics, the most hackneyed of plots- politics. I enter my house after an exhausting day at work and all I get to hear is the blaring of news on TV and the speeches of so-called eloquent politicians coming in staccato tones. My head whirls and I curse the hugely popular show Arnab Goswami’s The Newshour, whose popularity has given stiff competition to Kapil Sharma’s Comedy Nights. It’s unbelievable to see that useless debates (useless because they don’t seem to promote anything except Arnab Goswami himself and increase Times Now’s TRP) rank higher than comedy.

The man shrieking his guts out and the motley of ministers and their representatives cutting across each other’s words seems to entertain everyone but manages to provide me zero peace and knowledge except remind me of a similar situation at home when my brother and I quarrel.  Next time I have guests at my place, I am going to request them to kindly avoid the P word.


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