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15 Everyday struggles you face when living alone

Away from home, own your own.

Today’s lifestyle involves solitary living. The reasons to this could be many like personal space, leaving hometown for studies or job or anything. Living alone has its own perks. You can just be at your own way. It gives you all sorts of freedom you could imagine. It gives you the freedom of coming out of your bathroom naked and walk into your bedroom. You get the freedom of doing anything without catering to the opinions of others. I mean you’re just one real supreme power ruling over your own world.

Despite all the freedom and power you get, the life you get to lead on living alone isn’t that easy. As you’re the one supreme power, you’re also the only one factotum of your life. You’ve got to deal with number of daily chores all on your own. You’ve to be Mr./Ms. Fixit of your life.

Here are some struggles you face when living alone:

1. Waking up every morning

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Source: thejournal.ie

While at home you know what a lazy bum you used to be. Showing the cat fit to your mother while she tried to wake you up. But now, there’s no one to wake you up and you know well, waking up by the alarm is a big problem. Putting an alarm every five minutes still makes it hard to wake up on time.

2. Cooking

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It’s said “Cooking is at once child’s play and adult joy.” But, who could better know the game and joy than someone who’s to cook meals only for one everyday every single time. The task really gets dreary most of the times.

3. Ordering food everyday

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You cook not often because it’s time consuming and you’re not always in a mood to do so when you get home enervated. Then, you just go on to dial nearby restaurants and order which is a huge task ‘cause you’re not always sure of what to order. Initially, you relish the taste of the outside food. Then, in the long run it gets icky and you start to crave for “Ghar ka Khana”. And, spending on that expensive food loosens the pocket as well.

4. Eating alone

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Eating alone! This is one thing I used to hate the most when I used to live alone. There’s no one to talk to, share your day to day dealings with while enjoying your meal and you end up eating with your favorite music or TV series.

5. Doing the dishes

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Cleaning those casseroles, containers, bowls, trays isn’t something that someone would like and it becomes abominable when you’ve to do it all on your own with nobody there to help you out.

6. Dealing with the maid

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You remember how your mom used to deal with the maid in the house and those diminutive wars that used to happen every now and then. Here, it’s between you and the maid. Dealing with your maid and taking her tantrums is a whale of a thing. Fewh!

7. Shopping

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The shopping you got to do here is not the one you might enjoy doing. You find yourself at the grocery store at least 3 days a month. You’ve got to organize the lists, plan and spend accordingly. Every time you forget something essential, you’ve got to run to the market.

8. Paying the bills all by yourself

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There’s no one you could split your bills with. You learn the value of every penny. You get cautious of using electricity appropriately as you know you’ve to pay for each unit you use or waste.

9. Dealing with the landlord

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You’ve got to deal with the landlords. They could give you surprise visits anytime they like and might start commenting on your lifestyle or interfering in your life, even when you haven’t bothered them ever. You know it’s just their bedevil nature which you could do nothing of but tolerate.

10. Doing the house repairs

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When it comes to mend a faulty light, the gas knobs, the washroom taps or cleaning a windowsill, you’ve got to do it all on your own. Nobody would be standing behind you to hold the ladder or hand over you the equipments.

11. No one to take care of you

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There’d be no one to take care of you when you get sick. There’d be no one who could buy medicines or warm the water or prepare the soup. You’ve to do all this all by yourself.

12. Never have a bath or sleep in peace

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You’re in the washroom having that pacifistic bath or trying to get a sound sleep and that’s when the doorbell rings. You’ve to rush up and look for who it is and this agitates you big time.

13. Forever alone

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There’s no one in the house whom you could talk to. During the weekends, when you’ve no plans to go out and prefer to stay indoors all day and night, and see of no other human being, you ought to become a hibernating being. You go to bed and wake up on the bed in a house of one with no sounds except the continuous tick tock of your wall clock.

14. Fear of burglars

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No matter how much daring you are or how strong the security system of your building is, there always is a fear of burglary. Every night you sleep with the fear of somebody breaking into your house. Every creak you hear at night scares you.

15. Boredom

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You’re always bored to death.  There are times when you’re done with your studies or office work and listening your favorite music or watching your favorite series, and you just want to play childish games or talk with someone but you find no one in that solitary place.

Those who’re living alone are battling with their own lives. It might seem beautiful when seen from a distance but actually it’s way too hard to lead a solitary life. A sunset seems bewitching to watch, but watching it alone adds a dismal part to it. The same way leading a solitary life gives you a full play with little dejection. Living alone could be frustrating but teaches a lot about oneself. The best part of living alone is that it transforms you as a person. You become a freewheeling person. And, once you’ve lived alone, there arises a conviction that you could now do anything on earth on your own.


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