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10 Worst Paying Jobs in the World

What does a person primarily looks for when he chooses a job for himself? Obviously, it is the salary he gets, in addition to working conditions. Though average wages and working conditions have seen improvement all over the world in present times, yet there are some people who are forced to take up a low paying job, out of necessity rather than choice, because there is no other alternative employment for them.

Here are the 10 worst paying jobs in the world:

1. Fast Food Cooks

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Fast food cooking may seem to be a mouth watering option, but the fact is that it is amongst the lowest paying ones. The mean hourly wage for the food service industry is between $ 9.07 and $ 10.18, with most of the workers falling below the poverty line.

2. Shampooers

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Another worst paying job comes from the beauty sector, which is that of a shampooer. Many of the aspiring stylists take up this job readily just to go through the training process, which eventually takes them to upper positions in hair styling and beauty sector. The mean hourly salary of a shampooer is a meager $ 9.09, which is hardly enough to sustain a good standard of living.

3. Farm Labor

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Farm laborers are other worst paid employees in the world, who get a very low average salary, only as much as $ 9.65-10.20. Though the agricultural yield at farms may be good enough, the benefit is chiefly derived by the farm owners or agricultural companies. Moreover, the working conditions are usually bad, with occupational hazards as well as oppressive treatment by the farm owners.

4. Amusement Park and Recreational Attendants

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The jobs of amusement park and recreational attendants are tough as well as low paying, which make them one of the worst jobs in the world. These employees have to stand for a long time, come wind, rain, snow or sun, which can compromise with their health. Moreover, the mean hourly wage is ridiculously low, somewhere between $ 9.76 and $ 10.22.

5. Cashiers

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The job of store or gas station cashier is not only monotonous, but also is one of the least lucrative ones in the world, with employees making a meager amount of $ 9.82-9.83 per hour as mean hourly wage. Also, another bad part of the job is long working hours and work on holidays too.

6. Garment Factory Workers

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One of the worst paying jobs in the world is that of garment factory workers, who have to work at low wages, measuring just around $ 10.03 per hour on the average. Additionally, the working conditions are not great at these factories and also there are plenty of occupational hazards.

7. Gaming Dealers

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Casino movies give an impression that the job of a gaming dealer is quite a glamorous one, but it’s just the opposite, with dealers having to stand for long and tiring hours behind the tables. Moreover, the mean hourly wage which stands at $ 10.04 is also not such an encouraging figure!

8. Lifeguards

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Another job which has a cool image thanks to the popular TV series “Baywatch” but is considered among the 10 worst paying jobs in the world is that of a lifeguard. It brings a lot of action in one’s life, but lacks on the money front, fetching a poor average hourly wage of nearly $ 10.04.

9. Personal Care Helpers

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A job which is associated with a great deal of responsibility but is not lucrative at all is that of personal care helpers, who are employed to look after the sick and the elderly, who cannot take care of themselves. It involves feeding, changing clothes, giving medicines and cleaning the patient, but in comparison to the amount of labor, it pays a very low wage averaging hourly at $ 10.09.

10. Parking Lot Attendants

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Another one among the worst paid jobs in the world is of parking lot attendant, which is physically demanding, yet fetches meager amount of about $ 10.26 as mean hourly salary.

All these jobs demand a great deal of effort, yet pay very less, which makes them quite undesirable. Yet, many people have to take them up to support themselves and those dependent on them.





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