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10 things women should never ever be ashamed of!

We live in a deeply misogynistic world. People around us are sexist and take great pride in being a part of a patriarchal society which looks down upon women and objectifies them. It is not just women who are tired of being treated in this manner, there are countless men too who hate being labelled as sexists and misogynists just because a few men cannot seem to mend their ways. No matter what the society tells you, there are many things that you are absolutely allowed to do. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for them!

Never be ashamed:

1. Of wearing what you like

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We evolved from a race that roamed around naked and wore leaves at some point of time. Whether you like wearing loose fitting T shirts and pajamas when you go out, or short skirts, that is entirely your prerogative!

2. Of how you look

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Body shaming is rampant and utterly deplorable. No one should ever be made to feel bad for how they look. Being fit is a good thing, but making fun of people for being too skinny or overweight is simply uncalled for!

3. For wanting freedom

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The freedom to eat what you want, the freedom to watch the movies you like, and the freedom to be friends with the people you want, should never be taken away from someone, whether they are male of female.

4. Of wanting a career

Coffee Break Business Woman Outdoors
Coffee Break Business Woman Outdoors

The world is not what it was a century ago. Nearly everything about it has changed, except for the mentality of some people. No, girls should not sit at home, They have a life, and should get to do what they want with it!

5. Of not being able to cook

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Cooking is fun. Some people genuinely enjoy cooking. Good for them! However, it is by no means a skill every woman needs to possess. If your rotis are not round enough, that is no reason for you to be feeling ashamed.

6. Of wanting to drink occasionally

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Once again, this is the patriarchal mindset at work. How dare women drink alcohol, that is only for men! No thanks! Women can enjoy the occasional beer and wine and even whiskey should they want.

7. Of wanting to travel

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How many times have you had to cancel your plans because there were no males in your group? Surely you can travel without needing a chauffeur!

8. Of wanting to study further

Female College Student
Female College Student

You are done with your bachelors program and now wish to go for an MBA. Great! Why would you feel guilty about wanting to further your education and open up better life prospects for yourself?

9. Of not wanting to marry right out of college

10 things women should never ever be ashamed of! (9)

I don’t know what obsession people have with settling down. There should not be a deadline on when you need to find someone and get married. You have your whole life ahead of you. Who said that 25 was the right age to get married? Who said that you do not have your own plans which your parents and relatives are messing with?

10. Of just wanting to be yourself

10 things women should never ever be ashamed of! (10)

Are you a tomboy who prefers shorts over skirts? Do you like football instead of fashion? Who told the world that being different is a crime?

It is not a crime to want to do what you actually like. It is not a taboo to live your own life. It is not unnatural to want to make your own decisions. This society has fallen into this very bad habit of forcing conformity without question. Even irrational and often unreasonable request are made without giving a single thought to how they will affect the subject. People need to stop blaming women for the hardships they suffer. It is not your fault if people bother you when you step out of your home or office. The world is at fault here, and you should fight back, instead of feeling ashamed and guilty!

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