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10 Things Metro People Don’t Know About Rural Life

India is a country of villages, with a majority of its population living in rural areas. Perhaps, this is the reason why it has an impression of being the country of magicians and snake charmers, as Indian villages abound in such characters. They feature a life full of purity and innocence, though there are some drawbacks of living there too, which only a villager can know.

Here are 10 things metro people don’t know about rural life:

1. Living in villages gives you a breath of fresh air.

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Village air is fresh and unpolluted, something which people living in metro cities may have never experienced in their lives. They can never savor the feeling of freshness which is a routine matter for people who live in rural areas.

2. Mud houses are cooler than air conditioned flats.

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Most of the houses of a typical village are made using eco friendly material like mud and bricks, making them very different from the flats and bungalows of the concrete jungle. What metro citizens would never believe is that these simple homes are cooler and more comfortable than the air conditioned havens of the cities.

3. Slow and steady wins the race, when it comes to means of transport.

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Compared to high speed cars and bikes zipping around on metro streets, villages have much simpler means of transport such as bullock carts and bicycles, and to the most, buses for long distance travel. They may be slow in speed, but the ride is enjoyable for the village folk. Plus, there is no smoke or pollution to trouble the passengers as in hectic city traffic.

4. Village folk have all the time in the world.

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While metro people are always in a hurry, village folk have all the time in the world and they can relish the simple pleasures of life. The reason behind this is that these simple rural people are hardly plagued by internet and television bugs and love to spend time with their families. These simple pleasures are something people in metros are deprived of.

5. Load shedding is not that big an issue.

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Most of the metro population suffers from the fear of load shedding, which is not a big issue for village folk. In fact, these people take this time as an opportunity to sit in candle light and have exclusive family time, playing games like the all time favorite, antakshari.

6. Water comes from places other than taps.

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Nothing can give more pleasure on a hot summer day than cool fresh water drawn from a well or hand pump. While metro people think that taps are the only place to fetch water, village folk experience the simple charm of bathing in the tube well or village pond.

7. Open air classrooms give better practical knowledge.

In this photo taken Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, underprivileged Indian children attend a free school run under a metro bridge in New Delhi, India. At least 30 children living in the nearby slums have been receiving free education from this school for the last three years. (AP Photo/Altaf Qadri)

Most of the village schools have open air classrooms, with the teacher fixing a blackboard under the shade of a tree and children sitting on the floor and learning to read and write. But the fact is that they gain more of practical knowledge rather than bookish learning, as the metro children do.

8. Necessity is the mother of invention.

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Metro people would be amazed to see how cool and innovative can village folk be when they need to solve a problem. They give true meaning to the phrase “Necessity is the mother of invention”, by creating some wonderful solutions to the most complex problems.

9. Even the biggest disputes can be solved in the home itself.

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In villages, a feud or dispute seldom reaches the police station or the court of law, because people believe in solving them at home. Village panchayat and experienced elders form the pillars of the rural judiciary.

10. Every day is a new beginning.

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While most of the metro people lead their lives worrying about tomorrow, the simple village folk live each day at a time. Optimism and positivity is a part of their attitude and they take each day as a new beginning. This is a pleasure which metro people will never taste.

Simplicity and purity is the strength of village life, whether it is about the village air, food or life. These people value happiness and know how to live a contended life, despite the everyday difficulties faced by them.


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