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10 Reasons why Punjabiyan di Shaan Vakhri

The Punjabi culture is known as one of the most vibrant cultures in the world and Punjabis as the most fun loving and warm people. When you meet a typical Punjabi, there are chances that you may never forget him in your lifetime. Many a times, we have heard the phrase “Punjabiyan di Shaan Vakhri”, which explains the true character of Punjabis and tell how great people they are. Well, the phrase has been aptly coined as Punjabis truly are the most amazing people in the world.

Here are 10 reasons why Punjabiyan di shaan vakhri:

1. Sarson da Saag te Makki di Roti, Butter Chicken te Boti Shoti

The most exciting part of the Punjabi culture is its cuisine and Punjabis are foodies to the core. Whether it is about relishing the winter delight sarson da saag te makki di roti with dollops of homemade butter thrown over it, or tasting the most heavenly Punjabi butter chicken, you will definitely fall in love with the mouth watering delicacies. And who would forget the tempting Punjabi mithais like kadah prashad, rabri, jalebi and so on. Wash down you meal with the cool and sweet lassi and you are in for a feast.

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2. Punjabi Pappi te Jhappi

When it comes to emotions, Punjabis are the most expressive people in the world. They will never shy when it is about the public expression of their love. You can often spot a Punjabi showering pappis and jhappis on their loved ones.

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3. Punjabi Parties

Another reason for the vakhri shaan of Punjabis is the party culture of this state. Whether it is a wedding or a festival, Punjabis will find a reason to eat, drink and celebrate. When they do it, they will make it a whole hearted effort, shedding all their inhibitions, boozing and dancing all night. Age is no bar here, as you will find not only youngsters, but also uncles and aunties letting their hair down.

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4. Punjabi Language

Punjabi is a language which is amazingly fun to speak and listen too. Punjabis transform the words and expressions in such a manner that you will not even mind the funny sounding words, such as Kaynada (Canada), Bult (Bullet) and puls (Police).

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5. Punjabi Nickname

There is hardly a Punjabi family, where you will not find a person nicknamed Happy, Sonu, Lucky, Sweety or Pinki. And the most awesome thing about these nicknames is that they fit and sound good on both genders.

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6. Punjabi Fashion Sense

Call it loud or whatever you want to, Punjabis are famed for their dynamic fashion sense. They can carry the brightly colored dupattas or pagdis, embellished with shiny gotta pattis, with an astonishing sense of pride and comfort. What others may find a bit too loud, can make a Punjabi stand out in a crowd.

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7. Punjabi Wedding

Attending a Punjabi wedding can be the most memorable experience of your life. Where else can you find the most heavenly tasting food, exciting music and dance and interesting customs, all rolled into one. A typical Punjabi wedding is incomplete without Bhangra beats and songs like “Bolo Tararara” and “Angreji Beat Te”.

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8. High Decibel

There are slim chances that you will hardly find a Punjabi who has a feeble voice as high decibel voice is the trademark of a typical Punjabi person. The louder they speak, the more likely they are to be listened and paid heed to.

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9. Punjabi Attitude

The carefree Punjabi attitude is another reason of the vakhri shaan of Punjaabis. These people are likely to face the worst of situations with the simple attitude of “Saanu Ki”, which means that we hardly care.

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10. Punjabi Gaali

Punjabis are famous for including a gaali in every sentence spoken by them, and if they curse you, it may imply that you may be the most favorite person for them. If you are interacting with a Punjabi, be ready to be slapped or hit once a while.

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You are most likely to laugh out the loudest and have a great time, when you are out with a Punjabi friend. So, just get going and have a blast!


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