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10 Reasons why Girls like Guys with a Kurta

The kurta, which is a traditional Indian outfit for men, is a hot favorite in the India as well as other parts of Asia, thanks to its cool looks and the extreme comfort offered by it. Amazingly, kurtas are now catching up a global appeal, with some international celebrities being seen endorsing this charming and fashionable garment. Traditionally, kurtas for men were available only in shades of white, but over a period of time, this garment has passed through a number of stages of evolution to be available in a wide array of colors and designs, making it a fashion statement today. The versatility of this simple yet sophisticated everyday garment lies in the fact that it can look good on men of all ages and is considered ideal for casual wear as well as festive occasions. Besides making men feel cool and comfortable, it makes them attractive for women too, which is a big plus point for this amazing garment.

Here are 10 reasons why girls like guys with a kurta:

1. Kurtas make a guy look simple.

Kurta is a garment which lends a very simple look to the wearer, which makes him a lot more attractive for the opposite sex, as girls prefer men who are stylish, yet sober, in their looks as well as their attitude.

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2. Guys who wear kurta seem more trustworthy.

As compared with Western outfits, kurtas add an impression of trustworthiness to the wearer. Girls can trust such guys and be closer to them without fearing that they would be ditched or betrayed by such guys, which is another reason why girls like guys with a kurta.

3. Wearing a kurta adds a maturity to their look.

Call it the Modi factor or something else, a guy who wears a kurta seems more mature as compared to a conventionally dressed guy. Since girls fall for mature guys, there are more chances that you will have girls swooning over you if you wear a kurta.

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4. Kurta generates a quiet yet pleasant charm in the personality of a man.

Kurta is a traditional outfit, which has a subdued charm associated with it. It adds a pleasant charm to the personality of the wearer and he looks attractive in a very quiet manner, without being too loud.

5. It makes a man stand out in a crowd.

While most men prefer to dress up in Western style these days, the ones who go beyond the ordinary by dressing up in a kurta will definitely stand out in a crowd. Being different from the rest makes the guy a real charmer for girls.

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6. Kurtas are for men who respect family values.

Another reason why girls like guys with a kurta is that such guys are believed to show respect towards family values and girls show a great liking for such men.

7. Kurta makes a man look assertive.

Another cool thing about a kurta is that it can make a man look assertive in a simple way. A girl wants her man to be firm, but not forceful and this is the impression he gives by wearing this traditional outfit.

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8. It gives a man sophisticated looks.

Kurtas make a great choice for festivities and family functions, because it makes a man look highly sophisticated. A black tuxedo may be another answer, but a traditional outfit suits the occasion to perfection.

9. Such a man wants to be himself.

A man who goes beyond the conventional and hardly cares about what others have to say is sure to stand for himself and his lady love forever and ever. And this is what a man who wears a kurta exactly is!

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10. A guy who wears a kurta seems more caring and respectful towards females.

Kurta makes a guy look like a gentleman, who seems to care for and respect the woman in his life. Being valued by her man can be the best feeling for a girl, which makes girls like guys who wear a kurta.

Though it is the feelings which really matter, but the way a guy dresses up is also a vital issue for a girl to decide whether a guy deserves her attention and love or not.

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