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10 Reasons to Spend the Rest of your life in the Himalayas

Life has become a complex affair in the modern times, with stress and tension being an indispensible part of each and every aspect and stage of human existence. This why people today, are looking for solace and relaxation. People look for peaceful solutions like meditating, listening to soothing music, yoga and much more to find the much needed relaxation in the complicated lifestyle of modern times. For those who cannot find peace in their homes, Himalayas can be an ideal place to find it. Many a times, we have heard of people going to these glorious mountains in search of tranquility, and deciding to make them their permanent home.

Here are 10 reasons to spend the rest of your life in the Himalayas:

1. Amazing Peace and Tranquility

Holi is the Indian counterpart of the Spanish festival of Tomatina, which is nothing but 100% pure fun and excitement. You can have a blast splurging water on your loved ones with pichkaris of all shapes and sizes. Water filled balloons can be great fun too, and so can just soaking your friends with a bucket full of water. This is one day of the year when you would love to get wet.

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2. Relaxing in the Lap of Nature

If you wish to spend time in the lap of nature, then there can be no better place than the Himalayas to do so. Here, you can experience fresh air along with lush green trees and gurgling streams. The picture post card scenery of the Himalayas entices nature lovers and also those with a streak for adventure.

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3. Inculcating Optimism

Himalayas signify conquest and inculcate a feeling of optimism, which comes from within. Spending time in Himalayas can test your patience and determination, but it will definitely bring out the positive in you and make you a much stronger person in the end.

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4. Realizing that Life is All about Moving Ahead

Spending your life in the Himalayas can make you realize that life is all about moving ahead and exploring new things. When you face tough situations in the wilderness of the valleys, you will learn to make the most of the available resources and use them for the best.

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5. Focusing on your Goals

Living in the Himalayas will teach you about the importance of focusing on your goals and also, how to achieve your aim by sailing through testing times and adverse situations. In such a lonely and wild place, you will realize the importance of your attitude and how you see things and face tough times.

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6. Building Faith in Oneself

Though moving to these solitary mountains and living alone there may not seem like a piece of cake, yet it helps you build a faith in your own self, which helps you develop an amazing inner strength.

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7. Getting you Close to the Divine

In the peaceful atmosphere of the alluring Himalayas, you will feel closer to the divine, which will help you nurture a bond of trust and faith in the Almighty. Away from the hectic daily life, you can meditate and develop a close connection with the divine.

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8. Tells that Struggle is Essential to Achieve Success

By making the decision to spend the rest of your life in the Himalayas, you are committing yourself to a great struggle in the times to come. Yet, when you start adapting and loving your life here, you will realize that it is the path of struggle which leads to meaningful success here and in life too.

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9. Acceptance of Power of Nature

In the tough terrain and weather conditions of the Himalayas, you will come to know that nature is all powerful and you can do nothing to stop its fury. At the same time, it will help you develop an acceptance level and enjoy your life even in the worst situations.

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10. Spending Time Alone

Living with the modern amenities in the cities might get you comforts and luxuries, but also deprives you of inner peace. In the Himalayas, spending time alone can give a new meaning to your life and rediscover who you really are, which is seemingly impossible when you are in your routine life.

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Spending the rest of your life in the Himalayas may seem to be a tough transition from modern comfortable living to primitive one, yet it has so much to offer that each one of you would be forced to think about this at least once.

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