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10 Must Do Things Before you Turn 30

Thirty is a big milestone on the calendar of life as it is the thin line which separates adulthood from maturity. After you turn 30, you no longer have excuses of being naive and immature, which you could lean on to reason out anything you did while in your naughty 20s. In fact, as you take the giant leap into the fourth decade of your life, reasoning and responsibilities take over to become a part and parcel of your life and you have to justify everything you do. So, don’t forget to do the wildest things in your twenties so that you do not regret reaching your thirties.

Here is a list of 10 must do things before you turn 30:

1.Travel the World

Before you turn 30, make sure that you travel around the world, covering as many countries as your budget permits. To make it economical, just pack your backpack and get out for a road trip, covering destinations around your hometown and moving further, taking things as they come. Nothing can be more exciting than a journey into the unknown!

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2.Fall in love

It is easy to fall in love when you are young and easier to fall out of it too. Falling in love in your twenties can enrich your experiences and even get you to meet your soul mate.

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3.Explore your fantasies

When you are still in your twenties, it is the best time to explore your fantasies, sexual or otherwise. So, take the wild plunge before you cross over into your thirties.

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4.Climb a mountain

Another must do thing before you turn 30 is to climb a mountain, as it gives you the opportunity to feel the high of life, which you are not going to get once you are tied down with the burden of responsibilities in your later life. With family and career coming to the front as you become older, the adventurer in you is sure to take a backseat.

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5.Spend time with yourself

Before you reach your thirties, you should take out time to spend with yourself. Living alone is the best thing you can do for yourself, as it teaches you the lessons of independence and self confidence.

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6.Pursue your hobby

Make sure that you utilize your twenties to pursue a hobby. You can learn to cook, sing or play guitar, because this is the time when you have both, time and energy to get closer to your dreams.

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7.Conquer your worst fear

Whether it is sky diving, bungee jumping or deep sea adventure, the best time to conquer your worst fears is before you turn thirty. Once you cross the age, possibility is there that the fears will be there with you for a lifetime.

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8.Take up your dream job

Taking up your dream job is something you must do before you step into thirties, as this is the time when you need not bother about the financial aspect of the job. With lesser financial responsibilities, it is easier to focus on a job which is just about chasing your dreams, learning and doing just what you want to.

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9.Be the Santa

You must be the Santa before you turn thirty, and not just literally. This is the best time to experience the joy of giving as the share of responsibilities on you is lesser at this age. Gradually, as you grow older, your priorities change and you hardly get the chance to go for charity.

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10.Stand up for something

When you are in your twenties, you have youth and enthusiasm on your side, which you must take as the strength to stand up for something, whether on the social or personal level.

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Make sure that you do not miss on all these things and definitely make them a part of your life before you turn 30!

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