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10 Most powerful quotes in the history

Words have a power which can topple rulers, bring about revolutions and change the course of history. The best leaders have always had the gift of words, through which they would inspire their people and strike fear in the hearts of their enemies.

Words can also bring about a chance in us on a personal level and give us the courage and the incentive to do things we have always yearned to do. We often look up to great people and adopt their philosophies as personal life-mantras. What they say become famous and are quoted by thousands. These quotes inspire us and give us strength when we need it.

It is not possible for everyone to be just at good at coming up with inspiring and meaningful things to say, so we have compiled a list of some of the most inspiring quotes at any point in history.

1. What an unidentified holocaust era prisoner left as a message in a concentration camp

The atrocities of the Nazis during World War 2 continue to horrify people. The violence against a single race, and the incredible hatred spewed by Hitler’s acolytes is something that people have trouble wrapping their heads around even today. When the war was over and troops of the allied nations rushed in to save anyone they could, they uncovered this message etched into the walls of one of the cabins in a concentration camp.10 most powerful quotes in the history_01

2. Marcus Aurelius explains morality and living a good life

The legendary Roman emperor had an interesting take on morality and how one could lead a good and honest life. It is advice that holds true even today/.

10 most powerful quotes in the history_03

3. An anonymous person teaches you an invaluable life lesson

Making a difficult decision is not something we look forward to. When you need to pick between two options, this anonymous individual has a flawless way for you to do so.

10 most powerful quotes in the history_04

4. Mark Twain asks an unpopular question

The legendary writer was not known for mincing words or backing away from an unpopular opinion.

10 most powerful quotes in the history_05

5. C. S. Lewis raises a deep question in a simple manner

 C. S Lewis is best known for bringing the world of Narnia to life. He is also the kind of person who can force you to consider deep philosophical thoughts without even realising.

10 most powerful quotes in the history_06

6. Elizabeth Green tells you the simple secret to happiness

The people you surround yourself with make a tremendous difference in your life. They are the ones who decide how your day turns out. So surround yourself with the best possible people.

10 most powerful quotes in the history_07

7. A Greek proverb gives the secret to how a society grows to become great

It is not what we do for ourselves, but what we do for everyone else, which governs the fate of our race. A world where people cannot think beyond their personal profit, will never have a chance at survival, leave alone greatness.

10 most powerful quotes in the history_08

8. Osho tells his followers what love really is

Love is not about possession. Love is not about a sense of ownership, a sense of entitlement, or even a sense of belonging. When you can truly appreciate something without needing to own it or keep it close, you truly love it.

10 most powerful quotes in the history_09

9. When a video game teaches you the most invaluable lesson of them all

The game of Tetris is immensely popular and entire generations have grown up playing and loving it. The game also offers a deep and philosophical message to any player who cares to see it.

10 most powerful quotes in the history_10

10. Madness is not without reason and no one gets this better than Nietzsche

There is often reason behind the things people do, even if the act seems crazy to an unwitting bystander. People often miss out on the personal perspective of their subject, making assumptions and coming up with wild theories when a simple answer exists. Nietzsche shows us how the world is not a mad place, just a mysterious one.

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