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10 heart breaking moments on Facebook

Facebook is the preferred way for us to keep in touch with old school friend, family members, college buddies, office colleagues, and that one guy you met at that party all those years ago.

Let’s be honest about it. We update our Facebook every chance we get. Whether with an inspirational quote or with half a dozen images of that party, you attended, Facebook has regular users who just keep coming back. We form an online relationship with the people we have in our friend list, so it is only obvious that some things that happen in this digital space can end up breaking our hearts!

1. Your distant relative sends you a game request

Facebook games are a massively divisive topic. Millions hate them and hate people who keep sending invites. There are just as many people who play these games and want everyone in their friend list to join in on the fun.

10 heart breaking moments on facebook (1)

2. When your high school crush pops up on the news feed with a date

We all have at least one person we really fancied back in school. All these years have passed, but you still have a soft corner for them in your heart. Then one day you see they have changed their profile photo or shared a picture, and it is with someone who is clearly not a family member or a friend. They might even be engaged!

10 heart breaking moments on facebook (2)

3. Your ex pops up on Facebook

It is common for people to un-friend each other once they break up. Whether the two of you did something like this, or are trying to be friends, on Facebook at least, there will be times when Facebook will throw their posts and pictures at you. In fact, the only thing worse than seeing happy pics of your ex on Facebook is when.

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4. Your ex blocks you on Facebook

Dealing with a breakup is hard enough. Here you are, trying to be mature and responsible, and then you find out that the reason your ex does not show up on your Facebook anymore is because they blocked you. This is like breaking up all over again!

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5. Your relatives send you a friend request

There will always be family members, we do not remember or do not like. It gets awkward when they decide to add you on Facebook. It gets downright heartbreaking when your parents call to ask you why you haven’t accepted the friend request of your relatives yet. Ugh!

10 heart breaking moments on facebook (5)

6. When your school friends share a dozen pictures of their wedding

You were kids just a few years ago, right? How can my school friends be getting married already? How is that even possible? Am I really THAT old now and did not even realise?

10 heart breaking moments on facebook (6)

7. When you are sitting in the office and your friend is in Goa or Laddakh or Phuket

All those hours of planning your adventure and a last minute project extension leaves you stuck in your office. You check Facebook and see your friends sharing photos of all the places that you wanted to visit.

10 heart breaking moments on facebook (7)

8. When your rival from school moves to the company you wanted to work for

Professional jealousy will always be a thing. There are very few of us who are happy with exactly where they are in life and do not want anything more. SO when you see your school or college rival share that update about how they will soon be doing the job that you have always wanted, it’s bound to hurt a little.

10 heart breaking moments on facebook (8)

9. When you message your crush and they do not reply

You finally mustered up the courage to say hi to the person you wish you were with… and they did not even reply.

10 heart breaking moments on facebook (9)

10. Your parents do not reply to your Facebook message

This is even worse than being ignored by your crush. Your own parents not acknowledging what you are saying? They DO know that Facebook now tells people when someone has read their message? Right?!

10 heart breaking moments on facebook (10)

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