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10 facts you don’t know about your favorite alcohol

People love drinking. Alcohol gives some of us the courage we need to go out and survive our social circles, while for others it is a way to escape from worries and relax. Some of us are casual drinkers, others hesitant ones. There are many who have not ever tasted alcohol, but this list in particular is about the millions of people all over the world who love their beers and shots and Jaeger bombs.

Alcohol has been around with us for a very long time. We have waged wars over it, rebelled against the authorities for our right to drink, and on many occasions we have lied to our parents when we go out drinking.

The next time you go out, this article will make sure you have some interesting things to tell to your fellow alcohol lovers.

1. Alcohol has been around for a really long time ( Like, reaaaallly long)

Researchers say that at the very minimum humans have been making and drinking alcohol for at least 12,000 years. That’s twelve centuries of drinking and partying and making bad decisions that we have passed on as culture and heritage from one generation to another.

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2. Hangover cures have been around for just as long

Everyone loves  a good night of drinking and partying. Everyone hates to wake up wishing we had died in our sleep instead. So humanity has been trying to find a cure for hangover since 12 centuries as well. From the fried canaries that ancient Romans used to cabbage which was preferred by the Greeks, every culture has its own hangover remedy.

3. The term honeymoon is related to alcohol

Today we all associated honeymoon with the getaway period that newlywed couples enjoy, but during the time of ancient Babylon, this period was called the honey month. The name came from the fact that the father of the bride gifted a month’s supply of mead to his son-in-law to better enjoy the first month of his married life.

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4. Gin became popular during the US prohibition period

People sure do love their gin and tonics, but did you know that before the prohibition started in the US, gin was not very popular. It’s low cost and ease-of-making made it very popular when alcohol was illegal.

5. Bourbon is the official spirit of the US

This announcement was made in 1964. The name of the whiskey comes from the Bourbon County in Kentucky where it was made in large amounts. Today, Bourbon County does not make any bourbon.

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6. Rum was used to wash hair in the 1800s

Hair stylists believed that rum made hair stronger and healthier.

7. Ferdinand Magellan loved his sherry

The famous explorer spent more money on sherry than he did on weapons when he set out for his trip around the world in 1519.

8. Vodka is really not supposed to be mixed with water

Vodka lovers drink it neat, without water, soda, and at time even ice. This could be because the meaning of the word voda in Slavic is little water.

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9. Gluten free vodka exists

Vodka is a rather popular drink, especially among the ladies who love downing shots of red bull and vodka, or as cocktails such as the Bloody Mary. For those who cannot eat grains and have gluten allergy, gluten free vodka is available as well and is made using potatoes.

10. The British really love their whisky

Whisky is a marvellous drink. It is strong, it is smooth, and can be consumed alone. It is the drink of a gentleman and easily available almost everywhere. No wonder then that when it was time to name this drink, the word chosen was whisky. The Gaelic term which means the water of life, also happens to be what the word whisky sounds like. Coincidence? We do not believe such a thing exists when it comes to people and their love for alcohol.

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