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10 Choices you might regret

You do not get to choose everything in your life. Even what you choose may turn disappointing at times. Whether you choose a movie to watch the coming weekend or the make a career choice, it may go wrong. You may have to make choices for a lot of things without having their slightest idea. These can be the choices that you might regret in the future.

There are times when, you choose something thinking of the people behind it, but end up being hugely disappointed. Those who went to watch ‘Himmatwala’ and ‘Humshakals’ had the same plight.

There are many such choices that you make every day. Few become sources of happiness and fun while others become nightmares. However, when it comes to making some serious choices in life about your career, character, friends and foes, you ought to be careful.

Here is a list of 10 choices which you might regret

1. Marrying early

There might be exceptions, but after your marriage, your focus shifts. You no longer can have weekend plans with your friends and drink like this is the last time you are boozing. Road trips, late night movies and more seriously, following your dream stand cancelled. Your focus shifts to your wife, planning, honeymoon trip and selecting the colour of the curtains and bed sheets.

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2. Settling with an ‘OK’ job

If you are in a job which has everything mediocre about it, it is time that you understand your potential and look for a change. You will regret it after the time to initiate the change has passed. When you will see others climbing the stairs to success, you will regret the choice that you made by not looking for better opportunity.

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3. Not staying alone

If you always stayed with your family or friends, you may have missed a lot in life. When you stay alone and do everything on your own, you tend to become more responsible and see the life in a different perspective. If you have chosen not to stay alone ever, you are at a loss and will definitely regret it later.

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4. Not following your passion

This is a choice that you will regret all your life. The purpose of living is not only to help others live their dream, but also realising your own dreams. If you are passionate about something and not doing anything about is one of the worst choices that might be made.

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5. Avoiding change

It is not the fittest who survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one who is responsive to changes. Choosing to be stuck to old principles, methodology and thought process will not help in any way. Such a choice will only lead to regret sooner or later.

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6. Wearing a mask

Wearing a mask to showcase a different persona to the world is a disastrous choice to make. If you cannot present yourself to the world the way you are, you are at a loss. You need not succumb to the world which is filled with judgmental and biased people. You will regret this choice when you will lose your real self by being pretentious all the time.

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7. Micromanaging everything

You need to take the life easy. Trying to micromanage everything around you is only going to give you stress and trouble.

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8. Not drinking like a fish once in a while

Consumption of alcohol cannot be deemed good, but loosening up once in a while is good. Such mornings when you cannot remember what happened last night make for good stories.

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9. Day dreaming

If you daydream about a lot of things, but do not try to realise them, it is all wasted. At a point of time, when you look back, you will regret your choice not going after your dreams.

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10. Ignoring your friends and family

A lot of people ignore their friends and family as they are engrossed in their work. At the time of adversity, friends and family members are first to help you out.

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