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10 Bollywood celebrities with worst fashion sense

Money can buy a lot of things but among the things that you cannot buy with money is dressing sense. Bollywood actors and actresses live a glamorous life and to stay in the news and also in the heart of the audience, they need to make frequent public appearances. This is where their true fashion sense stands exposed. While there are celebrities who carry their dress with poise and elegance and look absolutely stunning, there are some who look pathetic owing to their horrendous fashion sense.

Either it is their own styling sense which has gone for a toss, or they should fire their fashion designer. Some Bollywood actors and actresses make occasional fashion faux pas, others are habitual offenders. Few actors are very experimental with their style sense and in a bid to make a cool fashion statement, end up looking like someone who has come straight from the bed. They fail to understand that there is a difference between unkempt and dirty look. Even after bashed by the fashion critiques, they fail to make the course correction.

Vidya Balan

Anybody would agree on it that Vidya Balan needs to hire a stylist who can dress her up better. The kind of dress, she has worn at many of her public appearances do not make any sense. Vidya Balan looks good and exude grace when she does not experiment and go for the south Indian Sarees like the legendary Rekha who looks absolutely stunning in those embroidered sarees.

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Sonakshi Sinha

Nobody is asking her to lose the weight but at least the dresses that she chooses to wear must be in sync with her body type. At various public appearances, we have spotted her wearing outrageous dresses which clearly shows that the actress has no styling sense.

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Ranveer Singh

The man is too experimental and most of the times, the experiments fails miserably. Style is something that you cannot buy out of money. Wearing a printed suit, shiny jackets and other such outrageous dresses are pain in the eyes for the audience. The guy must do away with experimental fashion and follow the likes of Ranbir Kapoor who has a decent fashion sense.

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Govinda may have impressed one and all by his comic timing and dance moves, he has always failed miserably when it comes to making fashion statements. In the movies, as well as in the real life, his choice of clothes have been very weird. Imagine green shirt teamed with red trousers, no less than atrocity inflicted on the eyes.

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Chunky Pandey

Guess, the word fashion does not exist for Chunky Pandey. In the name of flamboyance, he has worn some of the most weird types of clothes. Who wears floral printed shirt with a white suite? Chunky Pandey of course!

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Ajay Devgan

Apart from his movies, Ajay Devgan is very badly dressed. His lazy looks even mar the fashion sense. Everything does not look good on everyone. Ajay must understand this and alter the fashion change or the designer.

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Vivek Oberoi

Everything about Vivek Oberoi seems to be against him, even his fashion sense. His desperate attempts to hide his hair loss, weird dressing sense make him one of the worst dressed actors of his times.

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Mallika Sherawat

With an outrageous fashion sense, Mallika Sherawat has to be in the list. Most of her public appearances have drawn flaks from the fashion critiques.

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Rani Mukherjee

It is undeniable fact that Rani Mukherjee is a superb actress but when it comes to fashion sense, she is a nightmare. Her choice of attires except that of Saree has always been criticised.

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Jackie Shroff

When we are talking about celebrities with worst dressing sense, how can our Jaggu Dada be left behind? He never dresses his age and this is the worst fact about his fashion sense. We do not approve of unbuttoned shirts and long tresses that he is always seen as.

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