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10 Best Things about Studying in University

After the confines of school and college life, university can be like a breath of fresh air for students. Perhaps, this is the reason why more and more students, these days, want to have the taste of university education as a part of their academic record. This is the place which has an array of opportunities for students to enjoy a special phase of their lives, which is what makes university education such a desirable thing.

Here are 10 best things about studying in the university:

1.Trying out new things

The next best thing about university life is that here, you can try something new on each day. University students are like free birds, ready to soar to great heights, looking ahead to a bright future, yet living their lives to the fullest.

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2. Ragging and pranks

There was a time when university ragging was considered a bane, but these days it is something to enjoy, with freshers as enthusiastic about it as the old students. It is something which creates memories and nurtures long lasting friendships, allowing juniors and seniors to gel with each other. Similarly, university is the breeding ground of the most enjoyable pranks and jokes between fellow students.

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3.Youth Festivals

One of the best things about university life is youth festivals, where students get to showcase their talent and those who are not active participants can find a good way to socialize. Also, these festivals can sometimes serve as a launch pad for budding talents with great future.

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4.University protests and movements

Students of university can participate in protests and movements, which gives them an exposure to something absolutely new. In fact, this enables students to inculcate certain personality traits in themselves, such as self confidence, reasoning and decision making, which can be of great help in the later stages of life.

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5. Elections and voting

Another great thing about studying in the university is the university elections and voting, which is the first lesson of grassroots politics. Some of the future leaders of the country start their political careers in the university elections, while the voting students learn to pick the right candidate to look after their interests.

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6. Freedom of nights out

University life is the second name of freedom, which has evaded the students till date. University students can spend nights out at the most happening venues of the city, eating out, boozing and driving around with friends, with no one to stop them.

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7. Get a taste of controversies

Student media like newspapers and bulletin boards in the university make a cool place to create controversies by voicing out your opinion relating to the interests of the students. It is actually just the right place to get a taste of controversies and at the same time, become a popular face in the university.

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8. University Friends

University is one of the most diverse places in the world, as far as students and staff are concerned. Here, you are likely to meet people from all parts of the country and even some students from around the world, which makes it an interesting blend of cultures and languages. Nowhere in the world will you get so much exposure as in a university!

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9. Being a part of university sports

If you are a gifted sportsperson, you can get to join your university sports team and perhaps look forward to a successful career in the game. Otherwise, it can help you keep fit or earn sports scholarship, besides lots of girls vying for your attention.

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10. University outdoor activities

Another cool thing about life in university is the plethora of outdoor activities available for the students, which may include adventure trips like trekking, hiking and rafting, local excursions and even overseas holidays, depending upon your budget.

All these reasons are enough for students to want to experience the true taste of university life, as it can be truly an experience to cherish!

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